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Bonnie McKee - The Bombastic Era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Saturdays4Eva, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. "era" - if you say so dear.

    I do really like Bombastic though.

    I was listening to American Girl last night too and I think I'm starting to come around to it despite the fact it sounds like a Primadonna knock off anyone could have written.
  2. Just checked kworb, Nicaraguan QUEEN raking in those coins.
  3. [​IMG]


    Also: she's on the latest episode of the Slumber party With Alie & Georgia podcast, so check that out if you like fun things I guess.
  4. Does she say anything worth noting on it?
  5. I'll listen to the full episode tomorrow at work and report back.
    (I did already learn that she actually taught herself to headstand-twerk, in case anyone thought there were some Hold It Against me-body double-shenanigans going on)
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  6. I thought a body double was employed, good on her. She created a fantastic 80's throwback pop jam with a great accompanying video.
  7. Yes, I can sure get into this. Instantly an 8/10 with room for improvement.
  8. The video is phenomenal.

    Kinda elevated the song for me, but I still think the chorus lacks a good melody. The verses are lush, though.
  9. I listened to the podcast. Not much about her career, but about Epic she said "They didn't want me and I didn't want them, so it was all good."

    She said 2014 was a horrible year for her.
  10. I'm glad she said 2014 was a bad year for her, what with there being no material from her until December. If Bonnie followed the same model as early Florrie with an EP a year I'd be totally fine with that.
  11. Bombastic is utter shit.
  12. I agree.

    PJ was dragging her earlier on twitter, pretty harshly might I add.
  13. Such true words.
  14. It's really not! I thought so too but it actually works extremely well.
  15. It's essentially a very horny Sleigh Bells track. I like it.
  16. It's about three years behind absolutely everything else in pop. The Run The World/Major Lazer riff, the post-Drive use of 80's shit that's been rinsed wholesale by everybody from Bandcamp bedroom solo artists to inner city club night flyers promising 2 for 1 Desperado's with the Purple Rain font and the Tiger Blood references. It's absolutely mental. Cannot get my head around how it's happened other than the explanation that she's done it off her own back.
  17. It really is Sleigh Bells-lite (and not as good).
  18. the song is great! can't wait for Ep!
  19. You're right, but it totally works for me. Bonnie McKee isn't cool anyway, and I don't think she's trying to be.
  20. The song's growing on me a little more each time I listen to it, I'm glad it's not going to collect digital dust in my iTunes!
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