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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Drew, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. I've been putting off making this thread for a while because with Bonnie you never know, but it looks like its all finally happening and we've got enough to start up a new thread. It appears the single in question is most likely Thorns, which she performed at Pride festivals this summer:

    She filmed the video a couple weeks ago for the lead single and she's teasing it now on instagram:

    The video was shot on VHS, so she's still going for that aesthetic. Plus she re-reocrded it in July so it might sound slightly different than how she's been performing it.

    She also confirmed to a fan that she is intending on this being an album, not another EP:

    On the off chance this doesn't end up being a new album, its still no longer part of the Bombastic EP so it calls for a new thread. The old 2nd album thread got merged with Bombastic when she got dropped and it became and EP. So don't take this away from me!
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  2. Chill. No one's gonna take this thread away from you.
  3. Well...I'm cautiously excited. The visuals hit all my pretentious hipster gay sweet spots, at least, so so far so good.
  4. I can't wait to put the coverless album placeholder into my Amazon shopping cart next to Masochism and Charli's album.
  5. Its apparently coming next Friday.

    With Bombastic she put the EP pre-order up with the single, so fingers crossed.
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  6. Wait didn't she say it was an album? I mean, I guess things change obviously. Would have been nice for a full-length though.
  7. (If her fanbase has to have a collective name in 2017, surely she deserves better than "Bonbons". Even "Bonafides" sounds less...awful.)
  8. Pretty sure "ep" means her episode of the podcast.
  9. Bon Appetits
  10. Let me just hiss a bit.
  11. Thorns sounds great to these ears, so yas Queen Bonnie!
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  12. Tag me if this actually happens.
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  13. @Drew, my OCD is kicking in... can you put a space inbetween the dash and McKee? Please and thank you!
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  14. "The Bombastic Era" still triggers me.
  15. I love Thorns already, I really hope she at least gets 1 more album out.
  16. I just wanted to drive home not to merge it with Bombastic.
  17. So does Sleepwalker never getting an official release, and the album being scrapped, and Bonnie getting dropped, and
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  18. I have to see it first before believing this.
  19. Please please please be good.
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  20. Been waiting for this since 2004, praying this album actually happens. There's been too many stop/starts along the way.
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