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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Drew, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Right Now is not circulating, as far as I know. It sucks, because we know she won't release that one for sure because of Luke. Her excuse for not releasing it is because "Max Martin is expensive", but Everything But You is produced by him and it's on the album.
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  2. The instrumental for Right Now leaked a few months ago, so I assume if someone has that they have the actual song too. Plus it doesn’t make sense that someone has access to the entire album plus multiple different mixes of songs, but just that one is missing.

    Her version of Lovebird is in circulation and hasn’t leaked yet also.
  3. Finally got around to grabbing Forever 21, thanks @jamesmax

    It is truly a monster smash that never was.
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  4. Wild Card leaked. So did a song from 2011 called Guilty Pleasure @Drew Also that instrumental of Right Now was fan-made.

    These are the only ones left:
    Wild Card
    Right Now
    The Hunger
    Show Me Your Love
    Worst In Me (reworked version)
    Love Spell (reworked version)
    Mirage (reworked version)

    She did more songs with Max, Luke and Benny Blanco that we also don't know about.
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  5. So, 4 more songs leaked:
    - What's It Gonna Take (2009, pitch for Leighton Meester's scrapped album)
    - Electric (2012)
    - Up to Me (2013, from the Epic era)
    - Undefeated (2015)
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  6. Wild Card is fun enough. I don't know that it needs to be on the final released album though. It's one of the more middle of the road songs from that era.
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  7. She told a fan that she’s currently editing the music video for SLAY and it’s coming in a couple of weeks.
  8. The Epic album would be perfect for summer, so let’s get a move on with it!
  9. I'm really interested in a reworked version of Worst In Me. The bones of a good song are there but its not quite up to par in its 2009 form. I think I'd rather have that make the album then Wild Card though.
  10. 8 songs leaked:
    Who Says (2010)
    Take a Picture (2010)
    The Breaking Point (Kelly Clarkson 2009 All I Ever Wanted album pitch)
    Crazy Boy (2009)
    Lovebird (Leona Lewis Demo) @Drew
    Always Summer (2008)
    I Want It All (Demo)
    Bombastic (Movie Edit)
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  11. I have been waiting for Lovebird for years! I always thought this was meant to be kept as her own, as she has said this is the song she sang to LA Reid to get signed to Epic. But now finally hearing it it does kind of sound like she's singing it as a pitch for Leona. She's doing a few vocal flourishes she doesn't usually do on her own stuff.

    In general, its just a really well written song so I enjoy getting to hear hers finally. But Leona is/was truly a great singer and its hard to compete with hers. Bonnie's at times feels just a bit too high and she can sound like she's almost straining a bit.

    The Breaking Point is cute. I'm shocked she was pitching songs for artists as early as 2008. When she did Your Loves A Drug with Leighton (another demo I'd love to hear if it exists!) I thought that was pretty early in her career writing for other people. All I Ever Wanted would have been 2008 (it was finished before 09).
  12. I remember when Leona’s Lovebird didn’t chart near release week, meaning it sold less than 600 copies or something.
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  13. This is a great insightful interview. She also talks about the album in the end.

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  14. Stop talking and just release! Oh wait...
  15. She snapped.

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  16. I get it. But if she’s still figuring out legal stuff why not release the 2019 album now and save the Epic album as an “Xmas gift” for fans? She has tons of music. If there’s legal stuff still to figure out with this one then put something else out.
  17. Then maybe stop lying to us Bonnie. I thought the Epic album was all ready to go and now she’s saying there are legal issues? Well which one is it Bonnie?

    Occasionally checking this thread is as much effort I’m willing to put into supporting her these days. Her constant trolling has pretty much killed off any interest I have in her.
  18. [​IMG]

    Never change Bonnie
  19. A song from 2015 called "Demolition Man!" just leaked.
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