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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Steveweiser, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Didn't know until today that two of the girls who used to be in Big Brovaz are now part of Booty Luv, doesn't sound like them...
  2. Who the hell are Booty Luv and more importantly, do they sound like Fannypack?
  3. They're a dance act who have made what's being described as the latest "gay anthem" and a possible Top 10 hit. IE, nothing like Fannypack at all.
  4. Boogie 2Nite? There was really no need to cover this song, it's a party classic already, and Tweet does it so much better.
  5. The lyrics are shockingly bad.

    There was something along the lines of 'hey you, yeah you, you, yep you, you look alright, yeah, you'

    But it has a nice tune. And the chorus is catchy.
  6. this is so bland, of course it still pisses miles on everything the Bruvas did though.
  7. the girls are still part of big brovaz , its just a side project to try get some interest in big brovaz again before the launch of their new comeback big brovaz thang which is their best thing in years , plus they've still got this delayed 2nd album planned for 2007 which has been due for a couple of years now. Big Brovaz aint had a top 10 hit for 3 years now and aint even had a top 40 single for 2 years now so i can only see this single as a good thing as its tipped for top 10 , mabey even top 5 and will get some interest for the band again
  8. I love the way it's to generate interest in the band like thats some sort of excuse if the song does badly
    I'm also wondering how its generating interest in the band when no-one really seems to know who they are let alone that they are from a band last seen two years ago

    Quite like the song though - I've heard it out a few times and it sounds good in bars!
  9. hullaballoo

    hullaballoo Guest

    It's a good tune but it's been covered so many times before, and each time it sounds exactly the same.
  10. Sean

    Sean Guest

    At 00:50 Cherise looks EERILY like the rubbish one in The 411 (or to narrow it down not the Tamzin Outhwaite one, or the two who actually sang). It's like an orgy of shit British 'R&B'.

    Song is pretty dull. I blame Big Brother for it's popularity, I never heard it played before fucking Marco spent his entire time bleating it.
  11. The version on youtube is cack but the Seamus Haji remix is loads better.
  12. The Luca Cassani mix of Tweet's original is far superior imo
  13. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Staff Member

    Why did I think this was originally by Lucy Pearl?

    This was pretty predictable anyway, like when the Fatman Scoop track was released 10 years after the original remix was being played in clubs.

    But the chorus of this doesn't have the same ooomph as the original.

    I bet it's done with MJB's 'Be Withou You' next.
  14. Booty Luv - Boogie 2nite (Db Boulevard Radio Edit) is only version ive heard
  15. I really dont like this, there are certain songs you just shouldnt cover!!!
  16. This actually isn't that bad... I found it very enjoyable.

    Do these girls have an official site?
  17. I like it too, great pop song - hadn't heard the Tweet original before, now I have and its too slow.

    Big Brovaz = The Uk's answer to Black Eyed Peas
    (ONLY joking!)
  18. Th remixes of the Tweet song were very good indeed, however.

    They've got Seamus Haji and DB Boulevard back on remix duty for this version, but it sounds shit. if you haven't heard the Tweet remixes, I suggest you seek them out; they show this version up for the crap it is.
  19. I quite like the song and don't mind them or the Big Brovaz.

    I thought 'Hanging Aroud' by Big Brovaz was a pethtic exuse for a comeback single.
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