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For a second I thought Zara was the runner-up ff

I rated both "Sacrifice" and "Lush Luck" with the same score (8.5), so I don't feel strongly about either but I was rooting for the former as some type of dark horse winner (and after listening to them the back to back, it is a better song). Still shook it managed to go so far.

"Lush Luck" has been solidified as a shopping center bop for me because I literally heard it everywhere at the time. It sounds like summer and is a laidback tune but I don't find myself ever returning to it. And Zara's vocals don't sounds too great on it, as if she has a cold or something. Makes sense something sugary won in a PJ rate... poor edgy bops always suffer. I don't mind "Lush Luck" winning this section, though there were much better songs.

Anyway, I'm glad these two are out now because I'm left with two 9.75s and an 11 (which should definitely win this) - what an excellent top 3!

You should've just thrown their votes out teebs.

For… using the 10 point scale available? Giving a 5? The hysterics!
For… using the 10 point scale available? Giving a 5? The hysterics!

If you think that's hysterics, you should see how @Maki acts in song contests when his songs don't do well


I'm sure it wasn't serious though (though I just checked and without your ballot Sacrifice would have not only been the Blue Stars winner but also #2 in the whole rate ff).
Happy that Zara won her section, especially as she got my Blue Stars 11. She also has, along with Ava, the highest artist average in the rate (courtesy of me!), so I'm taking that as a big win too.

To me it just sounds like generic, faceless and a bit immature pop that Katy produces
Okay. I just think there are several other songs in the rate you could apply that to instead of IWNLYD.


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5 @saviodxl | 6 (3) @DJHazey @VertigoStick @If You Go

#21 - #14 - #8 - #3 - #2 - #3

Beating Lush Life by just 0.25 points, our Black Diamonds bronze medalist is Rita Ora's Anywhere. This song was off to a rough start in the leaderboard, starting off outside the top 20 (mostly thanks to @DJHazey's 6) and only making the top 5 in the second half of the voting period. It eventually came very close to #1, but sadly two 6s from the last handful of voters ensured it'd have to settle for #3. Anywhere got the most 10s in the whole rate, and is also the only song to have received perfect scores (10s or 11s) from over half the voters. Sadly, it also got four scores of 6 or lower, while the two songs in the top 2 didn't get any, and that's why it didn't place higher.

Anywhere was released in October 2017 as the second single from Rita's long awaited sophomore album Phoenix, which, which only saw the light of day six years after her debut. Much like its predecessor Your Song, Anywhere was a huge smash, hitting #2 in the UK and also doing very well all over Europe, and also in Australia and Brazil, and is currently sitting at 500 million streams on Spotify. This makes it the most successful hit in the rate, as neither of the songs in the top 2 actually did anything chart-wise. Anywhere was a strong 11 contender for me, in fact I even gave it my 11 in the recent UK #2/#3s rate, so I'm very well pleased by how it did, even though out of the top 3 it was easily my favourite for the win, but oh well, I guess the RAYEdiation was was just too powerful. Anywhere feels like the perfect follow-up to I Will Never Let You Down, a flawless slice of euphoric pop perfection. This has, no doubt about it, one of the best choruses ever, channeling ABBA better than any other recent song I can think of. Sadly, I guess the drop that follows was bound to be divisive, and the likely the reason for those lower scores, but while I didn't love it at first it definitely grew on me and it is iconic in its own way. Still, considering that somewhat divisive element, a #3 placement and a 9+ average is a fantastic result.

@saviodxl (5) "A faceless bop."

@Dynamo (8.5) "The drops are pretty dope. Great tune."

@WowWowWowWow (9) "Give me Love Song though"

@berserkboi (9.5) “This is bopping more than usual this go around!”

@Maki (9.75) "Adorable, it really sounds like a modern classic. The basic/cheap-ish production is the only thing preventing it from a perfect 10."

@daninternational (10) "Sometimes massive songs just come out of nowhere. Don't know why this works, but it just does"

@louciano (10) “Very few songs are as euphoric as this one. One of those perfect songs for a night walk.”

@Trouble in Paradise (10)"originally my 11 until a discovery made me cry- which I didn’t expect with a bop rate! She still deserves the win, one of the few songs to brush against true abba pop genius.”

@Sprockrooster (11) "The clear favorite for this rate. If Ritual was included she probably would have gotten my 11 as well. My gosh what a queen. This song just builds and builds and still maintains that timeless freshness."

@Solenciennes (11) "This is the best thing Rita Ora has ever recorded and possibly will ever record, I actually believed she wanted to be a musician when this was unleashed. It’s a tour de force, it’s the kind of pop song that you know is going somewhere great as the first verse tumbles out. The pre-chorus is massive and then… the nuclear apocalypse happens and that stream of processed vocals that make little to no sense blow the lid off the whole thing. It’s still a sugar rush to this day, she should be so proud she has Anywhere in her discography. This sits at the core of my opinion of Rita Ora the popstar, she’s actually really brilliant when the material and her level of interest align but she evidently mastered being a popstar on autopilot during her first album campaign when she was hitting the top of the charts with laser precision, and I think she just stopped being able to get excited about it afterwards. I suppose it would be hard not to when things go so well for you on your first try, you’ve got no underdog-comes-good narrative to play into like Adele for example. With Anywhere, though, there’s this spark of hope that she didn’t peak with her first record and everything else is just there to support other media endeavours, I live in hope!"

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I hate to say it but "Anywhere" did not have the most 11s in the whole rate, when "Sacrifice" just was revealed to have 4! Just wanted to make a prideful claim for Team Blue Stars!

Also, the best ABBA chorus in recent memory, nawt when my recent PJSC winner takes that crown.

I don't know, sometimes "Anywhere" gives a slightest of tugs but then it just becomes really boring again. I think I gave it a 4 in another rate, so consider a 6 progress, but don't ever expect me to throw it anything close to a 10.

I think @saviodxl said it best with faceless bop, I sounds like it many other pop singers I happen to stan for that do that type of chorus and do it million times better.

I gives me like Delta Goodrem-style chorus and she could sing circles around poor Rita, sorry but it's true!
I hate to say it but "Anywhere" did not have the most 11s in the whole rate, when "Sacrifice" just was revealed to have 4! Just wanted to make a prideful claim for Team Blue Stars!

Oops, that was supposed to be "most 10s", not 11s. Fun fact: The song with the most 10s, the song with the most 11s and the one with the highest lowest score are all different... but they all made the top 3.
Whew, we're getting a RAYE final featuring her two best songs in the rate? Love to see it.

"Anywhere" deserved the bronze out of the songs in the top 5, that chorus is just pure pop delight and, faceless or not, it goes a long way (I don't get all these ABBA comparisons though). A deserved smash too.

I've been silently rooting for "Natalie Don't" ever since the rate opened but it just has to win now!