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But I'm still recovering from the last one


Three songs released now, each one written by a different member. “$20” is written and lead by Julien, “Emily I’m Sorry” is written and lead by Phoebe, and “True Blue” is written and lead by Lucy. Looks like there are four vinyl variants. Traditional black, a blue and a gray one on their website and a beige-ish one that’s a UK exclusive on Rough Trade.
Really? Didn't do much for me on 1st listen, while I was totally blown away by Emily!
Love this: Bridgers sent her bandmates her demo of the song “Emily I’m Sorry” soon after her last album, 2020’s “Punisher,” was released, asking, “Can we be a band again?”

Ordered the 4 variants!
$20 - I adore Julien's voice on these more punk pop-driven melodies. She actually uses them in her solo output, but the production backs it up more. The layering is gorgeous, and actually all 3 of these songs sound more fully produced than the EP. Stacking their voices at the end is magical, and love a good Phoebe scream.

Emily I'm Sorry - Heartbreaking song. All of those specific details, loose narrative threads that all come together at exactly the right moments. Phoebe is a gift. A lot of the muddled, dreamlike production that trademarked Punisher is all over this so it feels like a welcomed extension of that era.

True Blue - As someone who just moved to Chicago... whew! The lyrics on Lucy's song hit. The chorus gives me chills. I think Lucy's contributions always feel like the heart, where as Phoebe is the soul and Julien is the body if that's not too cheesy of a metaphor.