Boys World - "Caught in Your Love" + General Discussion

I love it. Lamenting the loss of a juicy instrumental breakdown / middle eight to the streaming jingle craze, but this takes what I liked about Bounce Back and switches out the kind of meh sample for a great hook. Love Lilian‘s pre chorus. Can’t believe it was a year since Something In The Water took over my life already!
Discovered them on my Release Radar, and really like So What.

Yeah this is great, though I do have a preference for the upbeat songs which are all giving K-Pop vibes, which fit with what their music videos and overall aesthetic have made me think of so far. They've got potential.

Where is everyone by the way? I feel like once a week I see someone in the forum lament the lack of girl groups, yet the thread isn't active much. Is it the fact that it seems like they appeal to a slightly younger demographic than this pink hellhole or are people just not familiar with them and a tagging spree might remedy that?
I love Pina Colada. I don't love every song they release and find them to be very hit-n-miss, but when they do have a good song it hits hard for me.

The only weird thing is there is a very clear dance break at the end of the song but they don't dance during it in the video?