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BPG 2019 - THE END

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. But Lover deserves it and Liberation didn't.

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  2. But at this point in the rankings, Christina had ten songs left to Taylor's three. So what exactly didn't LIberation deserve?
  3. Liberation literally had the highest album average in the last rate ddd
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  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I have to say, this four album + extras - commentary formula has been wonderful.
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  5. Do better. Chant this to yourself:

  6. The only person who actually unfairly trashed Liberation was me, leave the other Swifties out of this!

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  7. I also only gave five 10s in the entire rate last year and two of them were Deserve and Unless It’s With You. I love Legend X I just hated (as one user tastefully described it) Ty’s burnt bacon vocals on Accelerate.

    Now back to ignoring this rate for the sake of my sanity.
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  8. But now we said it.
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  9. Ladies, I'm still in mourning.

    I've been thinking for the last couple weeks, when the cold weather hit and the track itself just started to hit me that little bit differently (despite evidently already stanning) that I wish I'd given 'It's Nice to Have a Friend' my 11.

    It's sort of impossible to separate it from every trope she's come to embody, excel at and then sort of run into the ground over the last 14 years... because the fact that it doesn't even try to cater to a single one informs every aspect of it and it makes it so much richer. I'd go as far as to say it's sort of the antithesis of the songwriting style that's come to define her music? It goes for the macro approach, as if she's taking a step back and actually observing new and other kinds of relationships and writing about love from a more nuanced and studied place than solely drawing from her own experiences. That's not to say she's not experienced this herself - the very images and scenarios that make up the lyrics and the overall fragility attached to the forming of that kind of relationship are something everybody will have gone through. It's just remarkably refreshing to feel her throw her talent behind something that doesn't necessarily feel like it's from the perspective of Taylor Swift.

    Everything outside of the lyrics - especially the way the unassuming production glides through the narrative, never really making itself too known but effortlessly providing the canvas for the lyrics - is just ridiculously evocative in a way I'm not sure she's ever been without spelling things out so bluntly or pulverizing you with capital P Pop sensibilities.

    Sweet dreams, 'It's Nice to Have a Friend'. The world did not deserve you.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  11. 31


    Ariana Grande - imagine
    SCORE: 7.568

    HIGHEST SCORE: 11 x 1 (@savilizabeths), 10 x 11 (@Music Is Life, @dylanaber, @Sanctuary, @2014, @BeingNormal, @Trouble in Paradise, @Mirwais Ahmadzaï, @Gabeee9292, @Weslicious, @Subwaykid, @japanbonustrack)
    LOWEST SCORE: 1 x 1 (@Rem)
    MY SCORE: 8/10

    John Lennon's song was cute, real cute, but it's done now! Yoko Ono found despondent over the end of ha royalty streams!! Who knew that that girl from Nickelodeon in the Kenley Collins dresses would end up doing horny so well? FIT your face in his neck! ORDER pad thai! FALL asleep on your eight bean bag chairs because that's the only other furniture in your apartment since your bed is taken up by eighteen dogs and a pig! Yas!

    A sensual little thing, though. Putting 'imagine' at the top of the album immediately tells us that 'Sweetener' this is not. It's icy, metallic; more hook-up than romance, because Ariana is realizing that's what she really had. This isn't love, it's sex. Even as she sings about knowing it was "perfect after the first kiss," how it feels like forever, she's asking ha man to imagine it. And if you have to ask for that, permanency might not be in the cards. I've spent enough time with @RJF to know.

    Interestingly, despite being a pre-release single and getting a national TV performance, this was not on the Sweetener Tour setlist and has never been performed in concert. I can't believe I'm saying this, but at least we have Fallon!

  12. Tasteless heathen. This deserved top 20.
    When I have more energy in me I'll explain why this song is amazing, although @Laura Vanderbooben pretty much said it all already.
    @savilizabeths I love you, taste right here.
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  13. Okay, no. You guys are tasteless. It's official. A fucking gorgeous song that deserves so much better.
  14. Imagine a world like that

  15. I’ve...never understood why people don’t like imagine.
  16. R27


    I didn't like Imagine upon its release but it grew on me tremendously while relistening to it for the rate. Might have even scored it a little higher if I'd had more time with it while rating. Although, this seems like about the right place for it to leave, even if I have lower scores left.
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  17. Yeah bye.

    I snorted so hard.
  18. Imagine is evocative but very "been there, done that" for the most part, and then the final minute comes soaring out of ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE...
  19. Here for Side to Side's uglier little brother to leave next.
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  20. Give Imagine all your 10s (or your 0s, messiness is welcome) in the Ariana rate!!

    Sorry for the self promo xoxo
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