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BPG CLASSIQUE 2011 - The End

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. Somebody lied to Fashion of his Love several times nn.
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  2. BTG


    Avril could’ve quietly parked her career after the second album and little of value would be lost.

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  4. Is the shelf yours, after that takedown write-up?
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  5. K94


    What The Hell not top 20?


    that new album though

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  7. I gave What The Hell an 8 but I almost feel sorry for her what with her album and singles being a huge flop for the current campaign.

    The pop-punk resurgence is huge right now but she still isn't connecting. I mean dropping over 100 spots on the Billboard 200 album charts in one week when it only got to #9 in the first place...
  8. RMK


    Avril's celebrating twenty (!) years since her first album, and rebounding after a flop. Travis Barker's label is pitching her more towards alt-radio and rock playlisting; any hope of hits was going to get lost in low playlisting. It's clear the focus here is on rebuilding her audience, boosting the entire album, and placing emphasis on her two upcoming tours. It's still top 20 on pure album sales, so there's that.
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  9. "I'mma lovin' you"
  10. GOOD. Jolly TV talk show host and former pop star Kelly Clarkson to leave next!!
  11. A world without The Best Damn Album?
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  12. Tea!
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  13. Why wouldn’t The Edge Of Glory go top 30?
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  14. I had a short and aggressive bout of Avril fever in 2004 that had me eating cat biscuits with my best friend in her bedroom whilst we wrote fan fiction about us dating Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters (Angel, Spike and yes... even Giles). The Rawr XD era was full bodied and dangerous. Thankfully by the time What The Hell arrived on the scene that chapter of cringe was closed and a new one had begun! Melissa's brainwashery was ineffective! I had social skills and a job now!

    She truly is thee joyless emo millennial but i can't help but have a soft spot for ha. Or should i say them!

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  15. Is anyone else?
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  16. The way I screamt and would have cosigned until her Machine Gun Kelly!! collab jumped out at me. I can't wait for mama nature to FLOOR IT.
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  17. If we ignore all of these... Avril got 1st!

    A winner.

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  18. I also rated What the Hell highly because I genuinely enjoy it and because it shares so much artistic real estate with Dancing Crazy by the illustrious Miranda Cosgrove.

    Miss Lavigne gave us Complicated, Kellegend's Breakaway, and Billie Eilish. She's given us a lot and has earned the opportunity to give a lot because of her talent, despite how lightly explored and one-dimensional that talent may seem to certain people.

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  19. Giles making the list over Xander* is right, and the 'yes... even' was unnecessary! Your choices are correct.

    *except for in Go Fish, of which I, like the rest of a generation, fell victim to the poolside speedo shot.
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