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BPG CLASSIQUE 2011 - The End

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. 1. Heavy Metal Lover
    2. 212
    3. Marry The Night
    4. End of Time
    5. Video Games
    6. The Edge of Glory
    7. Love On Top
    8. Sheiße
    9. Countdown
    10. We Found Love

    Probably won't go that way, but this is a flawless top 10 so I can accept any outcome as long as We Found Love leaves before the top 5.
  2. 10-7 can shake out however, as long as Marry the Night, Countdown and Love on Top make up the top 3. Three bonafide modern classics.

    Proud of Schoolin’ Life for making it as far as it did as a bonus track even if it deserved a spot in the top 10. There’s such a joy to it and the sound is one I’d love Beyoncé to tap into again.
  3. RMK


    I'm okay with Countdown reaching the top 5, but anything more than that feels inflated.
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  4. Sheiße is my lowest score left and is out of its depth, Schoolin' Life should've outlasted it. I seriously considered giving Schoolin' Life my 11 for a while there, what an uplifting gem of a song.

    This is probably my ideal top 10:

    1. Countdown
    2. Marry The Night
    3. Love On Top
    4. Video Games
    5. The Edge of Glory
    6. 212
    7. End of Time
    8. We Found Love
    9. Heavy Metal Lover
    10. Sheiße
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  5. Top 1-3
    End of Time
    Marry The Night

    Top 5
    Heavy Metal Lover

    6. Video Games
    7. The Edge of Glory
    8.Love On Top
    9. We Found Love
    10. Sheiße

    What I would love to see that feels possible. based on my Beysus Based Belief system and knowledge of this forums quirks.
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  6. We Found Love aside, the material is pretty much bulletproof.
  7. It's the best song in the rate
  8. K94


    Time for 'Countdown' and 'We Found Love' to go, unfortch.
  9. Both are discography highlights but is it unpopular to say Countdown > End of Time?
  10. Hopefully it will be!
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  11. Countdown is a fun little song but it doesn’t feel “important” or essential compared to the rest. End of Time on the other hand is huge.
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  13. End Of Time, Video Games and Marry The Night are my lowest scores left...

    They can go before Top 5 thanks
  14. R27


    I'm not mad at it still being here, but "Love On Top" is my lowest scoring song left, so hopefully it leaves next.
  15. I know it’s universally loved but End of Time is not close to my favourite songs on 4. Countdown and Love on Top are absolutely superior.
  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    End Of Time, Countdown and Love On Top are all 10s and it's hard for me to compare them against each other. A trifecta.
  17. 1. Countdown
    2. Marry The Night
    3. The Edge of Glory
    4. Video Games
    5. Heavy Metal Lover
    6. 212
    7. Scheiße
    8. End of Time
    9. We Found Love
    10. Love On Top
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  18. ‘Countdown’ is not the girl we want to be critiquing with all that’s left. Absolutely baffled at any comments about it not being an absolute goliath when the first three seconds alone is the singular greatest display of awe-inspiring talent across the rate - don’t be fooled just because it’s the peppiest song left.
  19. 1. End of Time
    2. 212
    3. Heavy Metal Lover
    4. Countdown
    5. Scheiße
    6. The Edge of Glory
    7. Video Games
    8. Marry the Night
    9. Love On Top
    10. We Found Love
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  20. RJF


    I’ll be cutting into the Top 10 tonight! We’ll be doing one elimination a day from now on meaning we’ll be wrapping up midweek next week.
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