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BPG CLASSIQUE 2011 - The End

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Jan 24, 2022.

  1. I've always really liked Gasoline for some reason

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  2. Melmagpie Matstolenkas getting sued for You Da One instead when this is literally a copy pasted early M.I.A. video is so...

    Actually pretty shocking Maya never started a Twitter beef with Rih in the wild wild west of 2010 Twitter over it.
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  3. I was re-reading the elimination for You Da #14 Peak and realized that I had literally no memory of the video at all so I decided to watch it and um..................great wigs, beautiful wigs [citation needed]
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  5. RMK


    Roc Me Out is a retread, but at least it excels at what it's doing. There's tons of filler across Talk That Talk that isn't memorable or even carrying distinct hooks.
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  6. I didn’t know till now that We Found Love, Rude Boy and You Da One we’re all directed by the same person. Egregious rip offs but also perfect music videos?
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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Didn't she also rip-off Dave LaChapelle with S&M too? At least she's consistent in method.
  8. While I was studying filmmaking and we were all encouraged to get odd jobs as runners where we could, one gay got a job on the You Da One music video shoot. Girls I was shaking with jealousy.

    Then I watched the video and was like nah I’m good actually
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  9. Who's That Chick being out this early is traumatic.
  10. I miss you, like everyday
    Wanna be with you, but you're away


    Deserves Top 10
  11. Well the voters had an agenda and were determined to see it through, I don't think Rihanna and Britney deserved this bad of a bloodbath, especially losing Roc Me Out already.
  12. RJF


    We're losing the first 11/10 of the rate tonight.
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  13. Poor @DJHazey
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  14. It's mine. I know it.
  15. Maybe it's stockholm syndrome from the 10 years Rih's heel was firmly planted on my neck(?), but I still knew 80% of the lyrics to the album despite not revisiting Talk That Talk until this rate. I still scored it for the garbage bin as it's easily the weakest album here... but whew!!!!.... her power here was darksided, magnificent and I miss it.
    I know it'd be a side-gig, but I really hope she eventually gives us another era because I do miss her magnetic energy.
    *applies Fenty clown make-up* as new music from virtually all the other ladies (yes even Britney) feels more imminent.
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  16. Ah yes, the nefarious agenda of eliminating the bad songs and keeping the good ones in must be stopped at all costs!
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  17. My lowest remaining scores are for the following songs:
    Yoü and I
    Dance for You
    Do Ya Thang
    What the Hell

    While I'm at it, I'll also say this: "Roc Me Out" is better than "Rude Boy".

  18. The way this happens every rate for @DJHazey
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  19. Well yes, that's true, I just happen to think the albums are alot more evenly balanced.
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  20. I participate in like 200 rates per year though, so it evens out in the end.

    My guess is someone threw Adele an 11.
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