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Brandi Carlile - In These Silent Days

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by xOJakeXo, Jul 16, 2021.

  1. I'm really excited for this. Her first album after The Joke elevated her success to higher highs means this one feels like an event. Brandi stated that for this record, she was influenced by the divas she grew up on like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston... perched!
  2. Oh I can’t wait for this!!!
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  3. Sick with excitement!
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  4. directed by Courtney Cox (?!)

  5. Oh yes ma'am.
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  6. Her last album was incredible, so I'm fully perched for the next one.
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  7. Exciting! I expect this will be excellent. Her last two albums(the only two I’ve played so far) are amazing and her work with the Highwomen is stellar. If theres even one song on here as good as If She Ever Leaves Me, ill be happy!
  8. What a lovely song and video. I am new to her music but that voice is just spell binding.
    I'm also hear for people to recognise how good of a director Courteney Cox is. And to ensure people spell her name right.
  9. Love this on first listen. The mix of electric guitar and the builds give me early Coldplay, which is a perfect sound for her. Her voice soaring as always. Chills!
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  10. Out October 1st!


    01 Right On Time
    02 You and Me on the Rock
    03 This Time Tomorrow
    04 Broken Horses
    05 Letter to the Past
    06 Mama Werewolf
    07 When You’re Wrong
    08 Stay Gentle
    09 Sinners Saints and Fools
    10 Throwing Good After Bad
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  11. Her voice, it's so powerful??? She has to be one of the most underrated singers right? I really hear the 90's adult contemporary ballad-inspiration in this which is lovely to hear!
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  12. There are signed vinyl LPs up for preorder on her webstore!
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  13. God, she's so talented. I forgot this was dropping today and it was a much-needed delight.

    Hoping for a new tour to accompany the album.
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  14. It’s not quite the slam dunk I was hoping for. A very strong song of course, but I’ve heard better from Brandi. The song feels like it’s straining for something that it just doesn’t quite pull off.
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  15. So excited for new Brandi! "When You're Wrong" will destroy me, bookmark it!

    The single doesn't quite blow me away but its a beautiful song and she sounds as great as ever! If anything, it sometimes feels to sonically similar to "The Joke" in an odd way. Willing to give it many more listens for it to open up to me!
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  16. I am happy to know that Brandi is back with more music! "Right on Time" has a majestic sound. For now I notice the sound more than the lyrics though I expect that the whole song will grow on me.
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  17. The song is solid, not quite as great as The Joke but I'm happy she's back. I'm excited to hear more!
  18. Wow, she smashed this. Already sounds like a classic from her catalogue!

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  19. In case anyone is interested - Brandi has started posting short snippets with lyrics from the songs of the upcoming album on her Instagram profile. You can find the snippets on! It seems to be a nice way to make people reflect more on the lyrics and it is inclusive for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing as well.
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