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Brandy - B7 (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 25, 2019.

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    Multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning R&B/pop singer, songwriter and actress Brandy returns with the song of the summer, “Love Again” with Daniel Caesar. The single is the first track off of Brandy’s forthcoming new album, slated for release in Fall 2019.

    Available 7/1/2019
  2. Wasn't 100% sure on the protocol for new threads so if I have done something wrong just let me know.

    Finally! I'm not crazy about the Daniel Caesar collab (but not against it), hopefully it gets this some extra attention.
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  3. Well, Googling 'brandy love' proved to be interesting.
  4. Daniel Caesar and Brandy's voices are about to go together like strawberries and chocolate. I'm not ready, no ma'am!
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  5. Finally! I’m hoping this campaign isn’t a hot mess as it’s her first independent one.
  6. "the song of the summer" is a bit... ambitious. But I'm excited to hear this.
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  7. PLEASE let this be more Afrodisiac/Human and less Two Eleven.
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  8. God, I adore Afrodisiac. Perched to hear this.
  9. So pumped for this! I wonder what this’ll sound like since her one-off singles, covers and collaborations have been pretty diverse in sound within the scope of R&B in the past 4-5 years.
  10. Song of the summer sounds ambitious indeed but I'm ready!

    Daniel Caesar has a great voice! His last album was stunning, actually.
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  11. Two Eleven has more gems to me than Human but different flavors!
  12. I can't stop crying, we did it kids! I've been waiting for this announcement for ages, she better deliver (I know she will).

    I'm also a Two Eleven apologist, by the way. It has a lot of filler, especially the second half, but it's very interesting. I love Human, but it's sonically way more safe than Two Eleven.
  13. I'm excited for this! I've enjoyed all her albums so far and saw her in Bristol a few years ago and she was great!

    Two Eleven had some real highlights (Wildest Dreams, Slower, No Such Thing As Too Late and Can You Hear Me Now?), but weirdly I listened to Human the other day and it wasn't quite as good as I remembered (apart from True and Long Distance). I read some stuff online about it and it sounded like she wasn't a fan of it herself, saying it was too 'pop.' It didn't sound too poppy to me, just a bit limp in comparison to what she'd released before.

    Afrodisiac has aged better (my faves are Focus, I Tried and Turn It Up), but Full Moon and Never Say Never are probably my preferred Brandy albums - Almost Doesn't Count, Happy, Tomorrow, Full Moon (Remix), I Thought, Apart, Can We, What About Us, Come a Little Closer and WOW are all 10/10s for me.

    They remind me of sixth form and my first year at uni and I love feeling like I'm growing up alongside my favourite artists!
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  14. Turns out 'Brandy Love Again' has the same result.
    Hopefully once this is properly announced that should change...
  15. So excited! I hate it that she takes ages between albums, especially since I didn’t like anything from her last one.
  16. Love Again is apparently from Daniel Caesar’s new project? Clip:

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  17. I don't even care if that's for his or her album as long as we get at least a new song from Brandy! The wait for new material from her has been excruciating and this sounds smooth as hell so I'll take it.
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  18. It's really good.

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  19. Pretty sure it's gonna be on both his project & hers, based on the info shared.
    Truthfully it featuring on his project is good exposure for Brandy and the song.
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  20. I think so too, if you look at the tracklist, the other features are credited as such (feat. Pharrell, feat. John Mayer), but 'Love Again' is credited as Daniel Caesar & Brandy.
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