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Brandy - B7 (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. I hate that I feel this way, too ddddd. I'll put it like this:

    - Rather Be = 10/10
    - Lucid Dreams = 7/10
    - No Tomorrow = 7/10

    Borderline's grown on me, but I'm still not fully into it. The song doesn't gel as a whole for me - it just seems overlong & rambly. When I am into it, "don't wanna be a schizo this time" confuses me every time, & immediately takes me out of it.

    That snippet of No Tomorrow we got before the full track was 11/10, but of course it ended up sounding different in the final mix, with lyrics about grabbing some M&Ms from a 7-Eleven... Saving All My Love is still a bizarre, confusing mess of a song, Unconditional Oceans is not much better, the interludes are 100% pointless, & the second half of the album is, at best, completely forgettable - Baby Mama included. The less said about High Heels the better.

    So yeah, the fact that we waited 8 years for this is very disappointing, especially when one-offs like Beggin' & Pleadin' are almost better than this entire album. I hate to write any of this, because I love Brandy, but yeah, this album is just a confusing mess to me. It never quite came together for me like I hoped it would.
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  2. I sort of feel the opposite... I really didn't think I'd return to this album much after my initial listen. To me it was like the album which proceeded it and I just felt a little cold when listening to it.

    However, I have gone back to it a few times and seem to be enjoying it more and more. It's far from her best work but I do find these songs have grown on me immensely.

    The second half of the album works much better for me than the first.
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  3. I've listened to it once. It felt like a chore.
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  4. I definitely don't want to take away from anyone who is enjoying it. To me it seems like she was trying to come up with a different sound, new approach, and it just didn't happen. The song structures make no sense. I was excited for Borderline but the vocal snippets she posted are better than the actual final product. But then she went back in and removed a lot of those vocal moments, leaving the song feeling limp in the end. It all feels very cobbled together and low budget.

    And the vocal on Bye Bipolar makes me wanna barf. Not to mention the problematic conflating mental disorder with a bad relationship, and then going on to repeatedly reiterate in interviews that you have NOT been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She needs someone on her team who is aware of these things and not simply gassing her up and saying yes to every idea she has. That and dj camper can please leave, the sooner the better.
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  5. I played Borderline around someone else and they said “you don’t have the whole song?” They thought it was a snippet on a loop which I can totally understand them thinking that.

    I’ll still Be checking for the next go around to see what Brandy is up too.
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  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The shade. I screamed.
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  7. I’m starting to warm up to it! I finally found the holy trinity that I keep coming back to. I Am More, No Tomorrow, Bye Bipolar. Also the singles are nice.
  8. Imagine my excitment when I saw this in my Release Radar. Sigh...
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  9. Sadly, I've listened to Afrodisiac and Full Moon far more than B7 in the last few weeks. It just does nothing for me.
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  10. LOL, same!
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  12. (This quote is from the Alicia thread)

    You might be interested to know that Brandy - B7 reached #119 in the UK (1,080 sales / 211 physicals, 345 downloads, 524 streaming)! It was 101 copies short of making the Top 100. Funnily enough her debut album also peaked at #119.

    #119 - Brandy
    #19 - Never Say Never
    #9 - Full Moon
    #32 - Afrodisiac
    Missed the Top 200 - Human
    #87 - Two Eleven
    #119 - B7
  13. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    What a bizarre chart trajectory.

    And Human definitely didn't deserve to be done wrong like that. How on earth did she revive her fortunes enough to make #87 with Two Eleven when none of the singles from it did anything in the UK?
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  15. I am so excited for this, it's been such a long time since we've had a televised performance from her.
  16. Too bad the songs she's performing suck and ADC is 800 years old.
  17. I like Borderline but that schizo line is just so hm. And the psych ward video...sis... Like why? She could have used broader terms to get the message across (the intensity of love/relationships can make you feel unstable if you're already not coping with personal baggage etc). Using terms like schizo and bipolar is just so obtuse, corny, and dated.
  18. Performing Almost Doesn’t Count is a strange but wonderful choice ... almost anything would be better than a track from the current record.

    Brandy is an icon and has one of the most beautiful voices, but there’s been quite a distance between her status and her (lack of) output for quite a while. I hope we get a new album sooner than another 7 years and all is redeemed. The quality control here was not it.

  19. No Tomorrow Part 2

    I hope this will pop more in a live setting, roll on the BBMAs!
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  20. Human was released in December and probably got lost in the myriad of new releases, Two Eleven was an early October release - less competition. Album charts are weird though and in the long run Human probably sold more.
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