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Brandy - B7 (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Butterfly, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    She looks like she hasn't aged a day in twenty years, but I'm not really here for this visual aesthetic.

    Also, are we suddenly bringing back the late nineties trend of women wearing bindis? It was random enough when Monica did it in the video for The Boy Is Mine in 1998 (and when Gwen Stefani did it a lot before her Harajuku phase)... nobody asked for it to come back in 2020.

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  2. Dance, Miss Norwood! It's an okay-ish video, but she sold me the song, watching her perform it like that has made me enjoy it much more!
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  3. The video lifts the song for me, but it's still a bit messy to these ears! Love the choreography though.

    So funny about the '90s bindis - I was following the Track By Track Twitter live last night for Alisha's Attic's first album. They loved the bindis too!
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  4. Still not a fan of the song, but the video is really nice and fun.
  5. It's heavily been a part of Chilli's aesthetic in the 2010's.
  6. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Chilli is partly of Indian descent, though, so it makes sense there.
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  7. I like this a lot but I'm not sure it's strong enough for a lead single.
  8. This song is definitely a grower. Brandy's music typically isn't very immediate and takes people a while to get into. There's always a lot going on vocally (backgrounds, stacks, harmonies, and adlibs) so to some people it's a lot to digest on initial listens. Especially when compared to today's music's rather sparse soundscape. I'm confident more people will start feeling this as time goes on. And judging by how she's talked about her album (sounding most like how she wants to do music) this probably makes the most sense as a first single. I'm assuming a lot of the songs will be even more complex than this one.
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  10. She just posted what appears to be the album cover. Stunning picture, but the number 7 overlay...

  11. Welp


    Surely they're not keeping the trademark symbol on the cover? Right? nn
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  12. The fact that Chilli is nearing 50 and still has abs you could cook breakfast on makes me feel deeply, deeply inadequate.

    I've been excited for a Brandy comeback but Baby Mama isn't the one for me. It feels like the production overwhelms the song, and Chance's cameo is the best bit. Hope there's better to come.
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  13. This without the 7 and with a completely solid background would've been a shoot.
  14. She just announced the pre-order and the title really is B7 ddd what is she doing

    Wait. Not the placeholder being better

  15. I love it! I think the 7 looks great and the (R) is hilarious!
  16. Dddd B7 is really a messy title given that Beyonce is about to release her 7th album.

  17. Queen of doing shit half hearted!!
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  19. Wow! I didn’t expect a single, cover and release date all in one week.
  20. I love the cover, but that’s the laziest album title ever. At least it’s not Brandy Norwood, I guess.
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