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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Singer/actress Brandy Norwood, is a Grammy Award winning R&B superstar and is ranked by RIAA as one of the best selling female artists in American music history. She has released 5 studio albums:

    Never Say Never
    Full Moon

    She is set to release her 6th studio album on October 16th. The new album is titled Two Eleven (named after the day she was born, as well as the day her idol/mentor Whitney Houston died). She recently featured in the song 'It All Belongs To Me', a duet with fellow R&B singer Monica, who also sang with Brandy on the #1 hit single 'The Boy Is Mine'.

    It All Belongs To Me (video):

    Brandy's 1st single from the Two Eleven album is 'Put It Down' featuring R&B singer/rapper Chris Brown.

    Put It Down (video):

    Brandy's VH1 Behind the Music special:
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  2. I love Brandy. Easily one of my favourite vocalists, I just love the tone of her voice.

    I'd say my favourite album is probably Afrodisiac, and then Full Moon. Human and Never Say Never are both brilliant too though. I've never been a massive fan of her debut, but it's probably because I haven't listened to it much.

    I'm a bit worried about her new album though, seeing as I hate the 2 singles from it so far.
  3. Afrodisiac is such a great album, she actually got to work with Timbaland before his sound became 'the sound' and we had albums like Loose. And Kanye's productions are always welcome.
  4. Human is such a beautiful record.
  5. Loveplus31

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    Afrodisiac is such an amazing record. One of my favorite vocalists ever.
  6. Does she age??

    I like Brandy, she's never been my favourite of the R&B women but there's a few songs I listen to pretty often; Afrodisiac, Have You Ever, Full Moon, I Wanna Be Down, 1st and Love (Written by Frank Ocean I believe?) and a few others.
  7. Full Moon is her best album (and one of my favourites of all time).

    I love that she wrote one of my favourite ever Toni Braxton tracks 'Selfish'.

    The cascade of leaks from the last few years have been better than alot of albums/singles released in that time.

    My favourite Brandy tracks: Wow, Almost Doesn't Count, Afrodisiac, When You Touch Me, Like This, Lifeguard, Camouflage, Keyed, Who Is She 2 U, One Voice

    Words cannot describe my love for Brandy, she is my 2nd favourite artist of all time, behind Mimi.

    Her voice is just.... (I know this is playing into 'Stan Wars' hands) but it's so unique. Her ability to do runs and her unique tone are simply amazing. Her and Monica are really under-appreciated and I think if they didn't both wait so long after their 1998 peaks to come back, they would have enjoyed much longer and successful careers as mainstream popstars.
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    Put It Down is amazing, though it's been out for a bit of time. Her replacing Brown on the feature would improve it too, but I'm looking for a video of her just delivering it as if her career depends on it. She basically needs to 'show 'em' how it's done/
  9. I didn't know she wrote 'Selfish' it's also of my favourite Toni songs.
  10. Music: Brandy Wants to Bring R&B Back With New Album

    Very interesting read. I'm so excited for Two Eleven!
  11. There was a track variously referred to as Scared Of Beautiful or Can't Stand Beautiful which missed the cut for Rihanna's Loud. Could it be the same song?
  12. October needs to hurry up.
  13. It's definitely the same song Mike. I believe Frank's demo of the song is out there.
  14. Brandy always delivers, her voice is magical. I do hope she's patched things up with Darkchild, it's not a Brandy album without some of his involvement.

    I'm pleased to say that 'Put it Down' has grown on me immensely, and is becoming one of my songs of the summer. I was definitely too hard on it at first.
  15. [​IMG]

    Wildest Dreams (2nd single):

    It's sooo beautiful! Brandy is definitely bringing real R&B music back!
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  16. This one sounds better on a first listen that 'Put it Down' did, although that eventually grew on me. I'm interested in this new album again!
  17. I think they patched things up on her reality show. If I remember right she was mad Ray J was working with him because Brandy felt on her last album Human Rodney was not giving her "hit singles."
  18. I adore Brandy. I lover all her albums (except her debut). I was a little young when it was released.

    Never Say Never: is one of the best modern RnB albums ever. It just oozes class. I really like 'The Boy Is Mine' 'Almost Doesn't Count, 'Angel In Disguise,' 'Have You Ever' and ADORE 'U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To),' and 'Top of The World.' The latter two being underrated classics.

    Full Moon: still sounds fresh and current today. Some major production on this album. 'What About Us' and 'I Thought' could be released today and still sound superbly 'fresh' and absolutely bonkers. Amazing. 'Full Moon, Wow, Come A Little Bit Closer, Can We, Another Day In Paradise' are all my picks from this album. 'B-Rock Y'all...Darkchild!!'

    Afrodisiac: This album holds a special place in my heart. You know how when significant things occur in your life and you tend to attach these experiences with the music of that time? Well this is the album I attach to coming out and entering into my first relationship. I had also recently just gotten my drivers licence so I remember driving around all over this place with this album being the background. I was young, care-free but a little confused all at once.

    This was Brandy's break-up album. I think she'd split with her husband as she was recording the album. There are reference of loss and cheating throughout the entire album. The whole album is great. Every song deserves recognition. 'Talk About Our Love' has Kanye before his ego took over. It's fresh and poignant. 'Sadidy' is sassy and extremely catchy, 'Turn It Up' is funky and self-referencing and Brandy pulls it off well. 'Who Is She 2 U' is sees Brandy playing the scorned wife of a cheating partner and 'I Tried' is Brandy at her most vulnerable. This album is a MUST have.

    Human: This album kind of went by unnoticed. It's not a bad album in any sense but I don't feel it's Brandy's best work. It doesn't stand up to some of her back catalogue. Having said that, the album does contain one of my most favorite Brandy songs ever in 'Piano.' The melody in this song is just gorgeous and its as catchy as hell. 'Right Here (Departed) and True were the two singles from this album (that I took notice of). True has that gorgeous 'tone' that many of you have mentioned. Brandy's voice is so soothing and sounds a little hurt on this track. It also contains my favorite lyric from the whole album 'In your arms I feel right at home, that's a feeling I ain't felt before, if you're feeling the same way then let me know, coz theres nothing worse than being in love alone.' Stunning.
  19. Wildest Dreams is brilliant. I'm not sure it's the hit she needs but it's light years ahead of Put It Down.
  20. True, Camouflage, Human, the singles, Warm It Up, etc. - Human is definitely a fucking great album.
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