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Brandy - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Star is still going?
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  2. Yes. Brandy is great on it.
  3. Sis, there's some severe bops on that show.

    Check them out instantly.

  4. Comeback corner, who?
  5. Seriously though, the Star Cast has some fantastically fabulous bops!
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  6. Look at her!
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  7. Looks like she's finishing the album:
  8. I'm pressed Brandy is in Comeback Corner though. The level of disrespect.
  9. Racism!
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  10. While Boyzone and Westlife remain on the maim forum too @2014 @Solenciennes
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  11. I always start playing Never Say Never at this time of year and always forget about this absolute gem of a song..

  12. Honestly, yes.

    Have you heard Gallant’s cover? It’s quite nice:
  13. Why isn't she in MNEK's spare room right now recording her Caution, I wanna know.
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  14. I ain't even gonna FRONT
    I ain't even gonna LIE
    Since you came up in the club
    I been giving you THE EYE
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  15. Boyzone actually has an album out this month.

    Brandy, sis, give us that 2018 R&B opus we need!

    (And actually Mariah’s Caution would be an amazing blueprint. Imagine Brandy doing something like Giving Me Life.)
  16. I know, a comeback album. Hehehe.
  17. It’s also a goodbye album.

    So they say.
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  18. Erm, it's "walked up in the club" how dare you misquote the Bible like this.
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