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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. He didn't even capitalise CLUB. She's a flop little *don't say it x 12*.
  2. K but the lower case club made THE EYE all the more impactful to me, which I think B-Rocka would appreciate.
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  3. I see this thread is back in Pop & Justice where it belongs. Thank you, moderator gods.
  4. Full Moon and Afrodisiac are the twin high points of her career for me. In neither case did the main producer (Darkchild/Timbaland) do the entire album, but both understood her strengths and how to play to them. Having their tracks as the backbone of each album helped bring cohesion (if that's not a dirty word) as well - both albums flow perfectly.
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  5. LP


    Sounds hot
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  6. ....did she say "retarded?"

  7. LP


    I think it have been something else..
  8. Happy Birthday! She looks like she's about to turn 20 more than 40!
  9. She has a feature on Anderson Paak's new album.

    I'd die if it was a rework of this.
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  10. Brandy, Andre 3000 and Jazmine Sullivan on the same album. Talent recognises talent.
  11. Also: Lalah Hathaway and Smokey Robinson? Wow. I don't even check for Anderson normally but this has me perched.
  12. London show Sep 27.
    With Joe and Dru Hill.
  13. I feel like sis is ALWAYS performing somewhere.
  14. She's doing Manchester Academy & Birmingham O2 Academy too.

    I don't know Joe & Dru Hill outside of their Mariah collaborations but I am tempted to go just for Brandy since I missed the Slayana tour.
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  15. They’re pretty decent but I still prefer Brandy.

    And of course Sisqo (of Thong Song fame) is a member of Dru Hill.
  16. I don't really use male artists but Joe seems cute, he is really nice on TGIFY and Through The Rain (Remix).

    I must confess I am not that familiar with Thong Song, I know it's a classic I just never hear it.
    How Many Licks is a gem though.
  17. Oooh this reminded me what a bop Stutter is!
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  18. As a Brandy stan since 1997, she needs to be moved to the Comeback Corner until she decides to release some new music. Her last album was 7 years ago this year. The sis is irritating me.
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  19. I only know Joe from when he cameoed in an episode of Taina but it stuck with me.
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