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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AllStar7, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I’d like to believe something is happening this year. She keeps previewing new music and allegedly played new single options for a live audience a few months ago.
  2. New Anderson .Paak collaboration:

  3. This lineup. I’m SCREAMING.

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  4. I am so there. This is my Millennium Tour.
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  5. This is my dream tour.
  6. Lil Mo? I forgot all about her. I loved this way back when.
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  7. Fuck I wished I lived in LA!
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  8. I am so ready. It's time, Miss Norwood. It's been a long time.
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  9. Can she put Who’s The Loser Now on the new album? Thank you
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  10. I’ve been bumpin’ this a lot lately.

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  11. The stanning of The Vocal Bible's jaw dropping performance in the iconic I Still Know What You Did Last Summer has me revisiting her discography and damn... what a woman. Currently recalling just how much I stan the Human album, but really everything from Never Say Never through Human is downright amazing.
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  12. Human is a terrific album, and It really makes me sad she dislikes it.
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  13. She only dislikes it because it underperformed.
  14. But pretty much everything after Never Say Never underperformed.
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  15. True, even the way she spoke about Two Eleven prior to its release you could tell she equates sales with approval. While R&B acts like Mya have embraced indie status and being a niche act, I feel like Brandy couldn't accept a lack of smash hits.
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  16. Scream.
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  17. In an alternate reality, this was a single and was No. 1 for 12 weeks:

    And this was No. 1 for another 12 weeks:

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  18. I'm having a Brandy night and she really is one of my favourite artists. Few singers can emote pure grief in their voice like she does, even on her copious bangers. The middle eight on this lets us have it!!!

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  19. I wouldn’t call Full Moon an underperformance; the era was just cut short. Everything else though, yeah. Being a fan during the Human era was a tough time despite the music being really good.
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