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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. She was stupid not to take a 360 deal to be honest. It's the only way she'll get signed to a proper label that has a budget, but if all that's true then it doesn't sound like she cares that much about music atm.
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  2. I want her to work with Timbaland again.

    Been really digging the Afrodisiac album today.
  3. If all that Grape Juice tea were true, then Brandy wouldn't have any grounds for a suit. And I think she's smarter than that. So it can't be true.

    I sound like a delusional Britney stan now don't I?
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  4. Between this lawsuit and Future's counter lawsuit saying that Ciara has no career, it really makes me sad how much weakened sales have impacted R&B singers.
    Would her residuals from Moesha or her movies go to a 360 deal?

  5. I still love this
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  6. LPT


    The Never Say Never record is nothing short of brilliance. Angel In Disguise is so plush. I love how Rodney sampled it on Full Moon.
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  7. I love Brandy. She's one of those artists that I low-key love. Like she's not always on my radar, I'm not thirsty for new material and she's not made an album that I love completely (she's come close though) but she has some stellar songs in her catalogue that I keep going back to and not to mention one of the greatest RnB voices ever.
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  8. I love brandy but ever since full moon it's been a mess she gives up on a album soon as it doesn't deliver the results she wants or even turns around and disowns it and gives up on promo
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  10. You can do better than that.
  11. How am I the first person to post this? This is, by far, the most important project Brandy has ever been a part of. God, I love Jenifer Lewis.


  12. I love this
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  13. I love Brandy and Aaliyahs 1994 debuts.

    Not sure which I prefer.
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  14. Did anyone go see her on the Slayana world tour? I planned to go to the concert tonight, but she cancelled due to illness. It would have been the final date. Three of the four concerts were "postponed". From what I watched on youtube beforehand, it looked really good, actually. Solid setlist, great energy from her and the crowd. I hope the concert really is postponed, and that she's better soon, of course.
  15. Janet teas. So she only played London?
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  16. B R AN D Y

    Even her text is messy.
  17. It's all part of her B R AN D, darling!

    Not her own label calling her washed up.
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  19. They are so nasty and so rude for doing her like that. They signed her! You can't expect a nearly-40 R&B singer 20+ years into her career to be landing Top 10 hits on the Hot 100, especially if they do the bare minimum when it comes to promoting her. I'm still mad at Breyon Prescott for not pushing 'Do You Know...' from Two Eleven as a single, that Mike Will sound was exploding at the time the album came out and could have been a cute urban hit for her, but no. Release her from her contract and let her go independent.
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