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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Nunya B, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Oh it’s brilliant. I loved this era. How did this song do overall? I don’t remember it being a “smash”.
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  2. It didn’t do well compared to the standards set by her prior albums. From the song’s Wikipedia page:

  3. It’s maybe my favourite single of hers. Love that she’s come around to the Kanye produced songs on Afrodisiac. They’re all career highlights nearly 20 years later.
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  4. Twink era me yelled when Afrodisiac played on an episode of Top Gear
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  5. I actually liked Kanye around this era too.
  6. She’s back on a major label for the first time in a decade. This time with Motown in the US and distributed internationally by UMG.

  7. Hopefully with a major label behind her, we'll get something a lot better than B7. I'm ready for another classic from her.
  8. He was producing some brilliant material for female artists at that time. The Brandy songs, You Don't Know My Name, Stay The Night, I Want You...all classics. His own stuff was bulletproof back then as well; I'm so glad he bowed out on a high with Yeezus and we never heard from him again.

    I don't think I made it through two full listens of B7; hopefully the retrospective appreciation Brandy's getting these days will inspire her to do something better.
  9. Justice for Drum Life. I really want it released in HQ.
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  10. I hope Black Pepper (the scrapped lead single from Afrodisiac that Timbaland produced) leaks one day!
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  11. I do enjoy that with this recent signing to Motown there has been a new jolt of energy between the Rather Be Performance and BET awards.

    My main hope for this next chapter is to simply keep up the momentum. B7 seemed like a disappointment to a lot of fans, but I got a few good listens out of it. I think because I wasn’t actively anticipating the album and I had no specific expectations it was easy for me to accept, enjoy a few spins, and move on.

    But I can imagine that it might not scratch the itch for the fans that have been desperately waiting for years and years.
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  12. She deserves another moment in the center, on top and getting her flowers for the enormous influence she’s had since debuting. So many current stars are indebted to the sound Brandy perfected and it kills me to see her stuck with material like B7
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  13. I revisited B7 just yesterday, weirdly enough, and it was definitely better than I remembered. Still her weakest effort to date, but not a complete dud.
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  14. B7 was so dull for me. I hope she got this album out of her system and goes full force for the next one. There isn’t any harm in her going more mainstream and commercial.
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  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Two Eleven was patchy as hell already, and to then follow it with B7... oof. Really hoping for something with a bit more punch to it. She has the talent but she's really been testing the fans with that material.

    Still, at least her vocal reputation remains intact, unlike Ray J's, which wasn't amazing to start with and is pretty much zero now after that recent Verzuz...


    I'm glad she followed through on her promise dddd.

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  16. She’s been all over my Twitter (along with Ray J dd) and the good will towards her is huge. Even the hand pointing at B7 Beyoncé madness had everyone sharing favorite brandy songs.

    High key my favorite thing she’s done in a long time! Would love to hear her explore this more
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  17. B7 was fine, the first half is actually really good. I get the feeling it’s not well liked on here because it’s her least… poppy album?
  18. For me, it's nothing to do with it being any less poppy. The songs and melodies just aren't strong or interesting enough.
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