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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Breaking Heart, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Brave Girls (Hangul: 브레이브걸스) is a 5 member girl group from South Korea, under the management of Brave Entertainment. The group consists of Eun Young (은영, leader), Yejin (예진), Hyeran (혜란), Seo Ah (서아), and Yoojin (유진).

    Being Brave Brothers’ girl group project, the girls made their debut on April 8, 2011, on KBS’s Music Bank, after almost a month of promotional teasers. Their single album “Brave Girls: The Difference” was also released on the same day.

    They will be coming back this July with their new mini 'Back to Da Future'.

    Do You Know
    So Sexy
  2. Er.. I dunno who these girls are.. Hm.
  3. THE MOST BASIC OF THE BASIC. Sistar craps on them.
  4. Appropriate "nugu"?
  5. They are still new, no surprise some are just getting in to them. I like them from what I've heard the last couple months. They have unleashed a teaser for the MV 'Easily'. The vibe is different to the first single and the image, a unique exotic kpop style.
  6. I grew to like "Do You Know". It's like Sistar 19's "Ma Boy" done by a girlband I can get behind, so I obviously think it's superior, though both songs are similar in style.
    I liked "So Sexy" from the start, though.

    The new single teaser sounds great, I love those summery, laid-back, carribean-styled songs. See also: Dal Shabet's "Oh! WoW!".
  7. BRAVE gives their worst songs to them!
  8. Lollin' lollin' lollay
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