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Not me following the gals on Instagram but I’m dead at Maddi and Grace Lilly partying together in Tulum again right now after that was the trip that fractured their friendship. To quote Grace Lilly, “I just wanna move back to Tulum where people love and appreciate me for who I am!”

This was one of my favorite moments from the last episode

I wish y’all could’ve seen her full interviews about this. She had a whole ass narrative about her past life as a pirate
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I love Lindsay, she's a terrible person but she's so endlessly watchable. But it is about time for a takedown season, and the fact it's coming from her only friend left in the house is exquisite. Though I'd much rather see takedowns of Paige, Amanda and Kyle first...

Surely something has to give after this season, the cast clearly can't stand to be around each other anymore but given the turn over of these one season newbies I'm not sure I have faith in Bravo to come up with suitable replacements.
Not Peanut Butter being a major plot point in Southern Hopitality.

These kids are messy, it better get renewed stat, I hope they at least get a WWHL Reunion Special
The Southern Hospitality finale was wild. These gays and girlies are giving mess, get the cameras back on them right now, and give them a reunion next year.
Mia, Lucià and Grace-Lily, we have future Bravo icons in our sights. Maddi and Peanut Butter Dick can depart.

(Don't know how much sniff Joe had on that boat though, he could barely talk at the end of the scene)
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Kyle completely throwing his best friend, and employee, Carl under the bus on camera like that was not on my 2023 Bravo Bringo Card.
The Basic Ones really got to him, I'm so glad Dannielle had his back there in the moment (so happy she's back).

Vile behaviour, I'll be completely on Hubhouse and Carl's side for the rest of the season I feel against them.
Yeah, Kyle exposing it all and then essentially doubling down on it on WWHL was pretty gross. It'll be interesting to see how it goes so wrong for Lindsay and Danielle considering her reaction at the table to Kyle.
So I finally started Summer House. The first two seasons were alright, Stephen and the Twins were just such a fucking drag and I felt the show was missing some iconic female energy. But season three has been such a glow up, especially with the introduction of Paige and Hannah. I’m now fully on board. Oh and Carl could literally rip my into pieces and bury me, and I’d love it.

I know Winter House crosses over, do I start that after a specific season of Summer House to keep with the continuity or do I just start that when I finish SH?