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Carlto is not coming out of this engagement mess as rosy as the press and the editing of the first half of the season made out.
I haven’t watched the current episode but throughout the season I slowly started seeing how I pre-judged Lindsey ALOT. The kicker for me really being her relationship with Danielle. The rest of the women started clocking Danielle the past few episodes. Lindsey said as much as she could on Andy’s show but the reunion show is going to be MESSY!
Lindsay definitely was in the wrong when it came to her questioning Carl’s sobriety, but the clear issue here is Carl talking about his feelings about the wedding to everyone but Lindsay. You can’t spend eight years being friends with someone and then be surprised that they’re the person that they’ve always shown you that they are.

That the girls are all seemingly still firmly Team Lindsay speaks volumes of what’s still to come.
Fuck another GREAT EPISODE of Summer House! In this episode we find out Carl and Kyle are trash human beings. But the kicker is Amanda eviscerating Kyle during their talk in the kitchen!

She‘s had enough!!!