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Agreed, Southern Hospitality is what I've needed from Vanderpump for years. It's packed with fresh faces, big egos, and major drama. Also, a cast who are eager and hungry to do well on the job and on TV. I'm not even sure why the latter is still on the air at this point.

As for Winter House, I actually struggle to stomach Hubb House anymore, and she's made Carl equally as insufferable. That said, their phoniness and willingness to stir the pot makes for great TV, and I love that the rest of the cast seethes whenever they're reminded of their existence. Basically, Lindsay & Carl have unintentionally become great Bravo villains, and I would love for them to keep leaning into that.
Supposedly we were supposed to get a Winter House Reunion this year, but Craig poopooed it after coming across terribly as usual
So he needs to not be invited back, and without Paige it'll also keep the girlies out of bed.
Jess is psychotic, Rachel is a missed opportunity to be just on this season.
After a dull fourth series, series 5 of Real Housewives of Cheshire is pretty explosive. I'm so sad this is Ampika's swan song because the cast is really solid! They reduced Missi to a friend role which is great and Ester is tons of fun and a great addition to the show. I also find the breakdown of Lauren and Dawn's relationship to be fascinating to watch. Sad that she too is leaving soon. Why couldn't we lose Dawn instead?
Hmm the stay-in-bed girlies in Winter House, really planned a Jess take down for that Charleston Tea Party, and it sort of invalidated Rachel's points. Paige is obsessed with not being seen as a mean girl... and the edit always let's her down.

That house looks like it stinks
I just started series 6 of Cheshire and it seems like it's going to be rough. Ester is going to have work overtime to keep things interesting without Ampika around. There's two newbies, Rachel who I know from more recent seasons and enjoy and Nermina who I hope is a one and done.

One thing I notice is that their casting is very random. They don't look at what the show needs when casting.
Grace & Maddy fighting for the show's main character energy is the sort of classic Bravo rivalry I crave. Also I cannot commend Southern Hospitality enough for FINALLY bringing two gays willing to throw wine on one another to the network. It's taken far too long.
Southern Charmers - allegedly season 9 contracts have gone out and... Kathryn didn't get one. Filming starts this month. Last season had potential but fell flat, and the cast way was too bloated.

Keep: Shep (for Taylor to get revenge on), Craig, Austen, Naomie & Leva if they step it up
More: Madison (HBIC, should be the lead),
Less: Olivia (unless she brings it), Marcie (useless)

The show needs to find a new "bad girl" - maybe they could steal one of the Southern Hospitality girls?
That looks amazing? I was expecting mess with all the shit that’s been going down, but I’m shocked by how much is going on. This looks like their best season in years.
Mia is moving up to tackle Grace-Lily as my favourite on Southern Hospitality, and the appearance of this Reagan is a perfect shit-stirrer to push us through to the end of the season.
I hope this gets picked up for a second season.