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Braxton Family Singles - #41: "Is it up? Is it down?"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Feb 24, 2020.


Which of these rates should I run next?

  1. 1994-2011 Grammy nominees for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance

  2. Destiny's Child solo singles (Kelly/LeToya/LaTavia/Michelle/Farrah)

  3. En Vogue singles rate

  4. Monica singles rate

  5. Whitney Houston singles rate

  1. Time got away from me, I’ll have my scores in for the new deadline.
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  2. Speaking of Trina, it's her turn for a deep cut spotlight.

    Vashawn Mitchell, Anthony David, Trina Braxton, Terrell Carter, J. Ahmad, Casmé, Lisa Denise & Artia Lockett - All Over The World

    I didn't include this single for the obvious reason that Trina isn't actually on it all that much - she's part of a larger collaboration of artists (many of whom are from the gospel/contemporary Christian scene) raising money for some sort of sickle cell anaemia charity under the name "Go Sickle". There's precious little about the single on the Internet, though, and the biggest names on it are Grammy-nominated gospel singer VaShawn Mitchell, Empire actor Terrell Carter, Trina herself and R&B singer Anthony David, who scored a Grammy nomination for his gorgeous duet with India.Arie:

    I have no clue who most of the other artists singing with Trina are on this dddd. Here's a video of Terrell Carter singing, though.

    All Over The World appears to have had little to no impact on the world, and it's not even on YouTube, so its chances of appearing in this rate were doomed from the start. Still, if you fancy listening to it, it does appear to be on Spotify.

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  3. What, did he give them an 8.75 or something?
  4. [​IMG]

    but also

  5. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    Getting my scores done for this... Phew, Toni's quality control (with a couple of exceptions) was very strong.
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  6. Latest tea:

    • At the moment, one of the acts in this rate is going to lose my highest-scoring track for them and my lowest-scoring track for them before we reach the top 70.
    • The song with the most 11s so far isn't in the top 20.
    • Both my 11 and the runner-up for my 11 are... underperforming.
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  7. Okay. Let me prepare in advance. This rate has no chill.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I didn't say I was going to spill that specific tea.

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  11. I'll send mine in tonight. I have some last minute score editing to do.
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  12. @londonrain would it be helpful if our votes went to you in a particular format i.e. a Google spreadsheet or formatted text in some way or ... ?
  13. A Google spreadsheet would certainly make my life easier (because I can just copy and paste a whole column into my spreadsheet) but I don't really mind plain text if that's easier for you.

    On an unrelated issue - here's a question for everyone: at what point do you think it's acceptable for a host to ask a voter to adjust their scores?
  14. Album or overall ballot: an average that is a whole point or more lower than the next one.

    Songs: tricky. When I am hosting my Anastacia rate I will allow only one sub-4 score. Why? A small rate like this suffers easy with a 4 because not many voters can compensate it. This starts to change after 20 voters. Since I do not expect that much with Anastacia and perhaps not here I feel like that should be fair.
  15. To be honest - I don’t know that we should! Even Susumu got a zero in the Anime Rate - dagger to my heart etc but if people genuinely hate something - I think it is fair for them to express it. It’s a concern when every score is low though - maybe then ask the person if they truly want to participate if they really don’t enjoy the material overall that much...
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  16. I've only had one instance so far where I've asked a voter to consider their scores, and they've said that they're not willing to raise them further, so presumably that's their genuine opinion and that's that on that. I don't really want to be the score police if an opinion is genuinely held and the voter doesn't appear to be trolling.

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