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Breaking Bad (Final season)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Big Bang, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. It's so hard to watch it all fall apart and know that it's Walt's doing for all the right and then progressively wrong reasons. The moral compass has always been murky but now it's not even a case of the end justifying the means because the end - his family being safe, happy and financially supported - has now been all but destroyed and that's left is self-preservation, which is the opposite of how this whole chain of events began.

    We've spent over 4 seasons watching Walt work towards a goal which is now, after everything, no longer achievable and yet the story still isn't over. The fact that we don't know what's left for him is terrifying, all bets are now well and truly off.
  2. SBK


    I think he's gone and assumes Jesse is dead and the flash forward was him coming back after finding out that the blue stuff is still being produced by the nazi's who are keeping Jesse prisoner.
  3. RJF


    So I finally, finally caught up with this show last night.

    "Ozymandias" is one of the most painful hours of television I have ever watched.
  4. SBK


    It's traumatic isn't it. I yelped and had "NOOOWAAAY" moment when Hank got shot.
  5. Todd is terrifying; it's as if he's never felt conflicted in his life. What would seem ruthless in others seems so plainly matter-of-fact in him. His brain is hardwired for criminality but cushioned by almost child-like reasoning. He treats Jessie's captivity like he's taken in a stray to be fed, watered and trained and then kills Jessie's dear friend like he's scolding him with a rolled up newspaper to the nose.
  6. SBK


    It doesn't feel like there's one episode left. They could easily make several more episodes and it wouldn't necessarily feel dragged out.
  7. Perfect finale for a perfect season.
    It was extremely satisfying.
  8. Breaking Bad essentially ended two episodes ago, everything since has been an epilogue. Like I said at the time, Walt had nothing left to fight for in his grand plan, he'd essentially been defeated and all that was left was the tying up of some loose ends, which came in the form of Grey Matter finally having to pay Walt back in some form, the downfall of Todd's terrifying mob and securing Jessie's freedom. There wasn't much to be said, there was no startling revelations (aside from Walt finally admitting that he outright enjoyed his power as Heisenberg), no true tenderness or resolution...just the best being made of a terrible situation in typically Walt fashion. It was satisfying, but like the audience at this point, everyone and everything felt drained and jaded. There was nothing left to fight for and it was time to let go.
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  9. All of this.

    A perfect ending to a show that never put a foot wrong.
  10. SBK


    Amazing ending. Understated, didn't go down the OTT sensation ending route. Tied everything up so well.

    Gutted the reisin didn't end up Walt Jnrs food breakfast... Haha
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  11. I just finished watching this truly fantastic show. Season 5 was beyond amazing, and that final scene. Wow. So glad I stuck this out.


    Unfortunately stupid fucking Britney Spears managed to spoil that Walt dies. She tweeting the real-life actor a few weeks ago, despite that fact that I somehow avoided every other spoiler. FUCK YOU ADAM/LARRY.
  12. LTG


    Watched the whole of this in the last month or so. It was amazing.
  13. I've finally finished it too. I had season 1 for my birthday in June, got hooked, watched up to the first half of season 5 by July, then had to go through this agonising wait for the DVD release (sucky internet connection = dim Netflix).

    Some of these episodes just blew me away. Hank getting shot. Seriously, I screamed so loud I woke my dad up. It was the most brutal, intense episode of television from start to finish. I couldn't watch the next episode until the next day, I was so drained.

    I enjoyed the finale and though I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted, it left me a little out-of-sorts. It was very neat for Walt, but I suppose he was so meticulous and controlling that made sense. He wouldn't have let it happen any other way.

    But I feel a lot happier about it after reading this theory: I know fans can often see what they want to see, but a show like this seems too well crafted for this theory not to have some weight. I think Walt deserved to experience his dream in his mind, but I'm not quite sure if it was right that it actually happened. But then this show has always been morally ambiguous and a happy ending is far more iffy and suits the style of the show.

    I've already started watching it all again from the beginning, it's just fantastic. Plus I need to have fun Jesse back for a while. He only said "bitch" once or twice in these episodes.
  14. LTG


    I actually shouted at the screen when Walt took Holly in 'Ozymandias'.

    Has everyone seen the trailer where he read the poem:


    Amazing, and perfect for what happened.
  15. Sorry if I'm late but only just watched this show (in about 3 weeks, I've had days where I watched 8 episodes on a row, couldn't stop) and had to come here to praise it. It's such a masterpiece.
  16. Hate to rain on everyone's parade but I loved the first 3 seasons... then I struggled to see season 4 due to availability issues before I got Netflix. Then I decided to watch seasons 4 and 5 (finally) this week and... it was amazing and all but... I really liked the first 3 seasons. 4 and 5 are the final chapters... but 1-3 is the fun ride.

    Why do people hate Skyler? She was the star of seasons 4 and 5. I also loved when Ted Benikar tripped and THAT dinner scene with Jesse and Skyler. I'm wiling to bet there's a great blooper reel of that scene

    Lydia and Todd were also great villains actually. Maybe I did love 4 and 5 as much as the others
  17. I didn't think Seasons 1 to 3 are unpopular? I whizzed through the whole series in a few months and I enjoyed every episode but maybe having it drawn out weakened it slightly.

    As for Skylar being unpopular, part of it seems to be attributed to sexism. I read a few articles about how people were sending her awful messages for bitching at Walt the entire time. I disagree completely though, I thought she was brilliant too.

    I need to watch this show again. I'm still not over the first ten minutes of Ozymandias.
  18. RJF


    I didn't hate Skylar, I just got annoyed when she kept getting in the way of meth-making hijinks, but she completely and utterly came into her own as a character from finding out about everything onwards. In fact, she was probably near the top of my favourite characters in the end. I also appreciated that they never wrote her as stupid and blind either. Part of the reason she was annoying because she kept calling out Walt on his bullshit and lies and uncovering his lies like anyone else would have in her position, instead of blindly accepting absurd excuse after absurd excuse. And when she came in on everything, she was immediately thinking about how to make everything seem more legitimate to protect their asses as Walt got cockier and cockier. She was a killjoy near the start of the show when the tone was lighter, but utterly fascinating and totally someone to root for as things got so frightfully pitch-black near the end. The part in "Ozymandias" when she walks towards the phone... and picks up a knife is just arresting television. Anna Gunn was just superb. In fact, they all were. Not a weak link anywhere. It's a perfect show. Just perfect.
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  19. Who's excited for the movie?
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    Better Call Saul drops the same day too, i think?
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