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Bree Runway - "Pressure" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. She did it again
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  2. ooh, this is pretty good!
  3. I got honesty got chills

    This is so good . I need her to somehow some way become the massive star she deserves to be cause she’s everything you want and need in a pop star .
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  4. Wow... This is so good what the fuck?? I was just expecting like a cute little ballad. This is sensational!

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  5. Upon first listen, this is giving me Brandy, "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, and "Stimela" by Wynter/Diana Gordon. This is so pretty and atmospheric.

    Also, it's very nice to see EASYFUN in the co-write and co-production credits.
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  6. The way she can’t help but slay.
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  7. Yeah, nice to see him back after he worked on Little Nokia!
  8. Wow this is great. And I've never heard of her so I've got some catching up to do it seems.
  9. This is absolutely stunning.
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  10. Ummm this is incredible.
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  11. Oooooh perfect!
  12. When it properly explodes at 2:10, I got serious chills. Her chameleon-like ability to jump on any style and deliver... a BPG in the making.
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  13. The way she SOARS on this. God I love her.

    Take me to the moon, to the stars
    Cause your love sends me high above

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  14. Not this Full Moon expedition witch a pinch of “Marry the Night” couture. It really feels like this song picks up where Brandy and Rodney left off 20 years ago. She has such a unique tone that comes to life in a whole different way on this type of tempo as well. That long note on the bridge…

    A girl after my own heart.

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  15. 3Xs


    This is maaajor. Maybe her best single yet?
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  16. The dramatic 80s power ballad drums, her vocals yeah this is lush.
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  17. She's a server and she came to serve vocals.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Easily the best thing she's done, I'm stanning!!
  19. Gave this song another listen and it gave me chills. Those drums and her vocals sound so good. Love the video as well. Bring on an album!
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  20. This is a moment for her. Wow!
    Totally agree with all the Brandy, Phil Collins, Diana Gordon Human Condition era vibes that @superultra mentioned.

    I need Bree to smash asap, she is so talented.
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