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Bree Runway - "Pressure" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Relevant is that girl.
  2. All Night music video:

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  3. A serve!
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  4. She's so so good.
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  5. Well, I'm obsessed with All Night!
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  6. Hey gals what does "super trilly" mean

  7. Our girl is featured on this one.
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  8. Big Racks and All Night are both fabulous bops. I'm stanning!
  9. Cute Christmas song!

  10. I’m ready to stan! Be Runway was a great EP, I listen to All Night and Big Racks regularly, and use 2ON when I’m at the gym. Can’t wait to hear and see what this is next week!
  11. We ain't READY yas

    @2014 can we move to Pop & Justice? About to blow up, bops, UK talent, a sissy ally... why not!
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  12. I need to get into the good sis, because the snippets of “Apeshit” are giving me Missy vibes.
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  14. I audibly gasped at that preview. This has the potential to be huge!
  15. All bangers
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  16. ‘Apeshit’ sounds and looks like classic Missy greatness, and I feel confident saying that from a 10 second preview.

    She’s so fucking good, cannot wait for the new track + video.
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