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Bree Runway - "THAT GIRL" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. She gave a long explanation on live once about how she doesn't make music for anyone but herself, and if she wants to change something she's going to and fans just have to deal. She also said before she was thinking about removing "UCKERS" from streaming/digital services and putting up a new, censored version or possibly removing it altogether to keep for shows in the midst of it going viral on TikTok. Artists doing that or situations like Bree's is why I make sure to buy music dd
  2. I get it somewhat but I always felt that was a way to change the narrative to project agency over her art and avoid people coming for the girls.
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  3. I don't get it at all honestly. I think she's being annoying.

    She doesn't strike me as someone who would lie about that. If it was really out of her control she probably would have said so, in like a shady way dd.
  4. Not to derail, but yeah. She was making comments about changing her music even before the "BB" situation. There are artists that just have a similar mindset to Kanye and consider their work to be continually evolving. Streaming/digital enables that more than ever, especially if you have your own label like Shy does.
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  5. And there would be nothing wrong with that if they just uploaded the different version as it's own thing instead of replacing the old one. But yeah... let me not rant about this in every thread on the forum dd.
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  6. Officially added to BBC Radio 1’s C-List today!

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  7. I kept checking each week to see if it got added and I’m happy it finally has been but the timing is unfortunate. We’ll see if it still does anything for her.
  8. I'll be honest: I knew something was up with the sample in "Hot Hot" when I couldn't see Busta's name, or Daft Punk's names, or Swizz Beats' name in the writing credits. I'm pretty sure the music video still has the "Touch It" drums in it (for now).
  9. I feel so terrible for her - especially given the song has picked up a bit of steam. Hope it's just a bump in the road.
  10. It does, I think they've probably come to some sort of agreement to let her keep the video up.
  11. It was definitely alarming but sometimes samples can get cleared under the table if artists are under the same publishing or label which sadly clearly wasn't the case here.
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  12. Predictably, the music video had its audio replaced too.

  13. Damn, I was hoping they were negotiating behind the scenes to get the original back on streaming. Oh well.
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  14. They really tried their best with the re-do.
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  15. Surely the reproduction could have had more inspired choices? Even just changing the kick drum to something a bit louder and percussive would’ve helped the change not feel so jarring. Although I’m guessing they legally weren’t allowed to make anything too similar to the sample, which is why we have this now. At least I still somehow have the original on my Apple Music. Thank god.

  16. fire
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  17. I love when artists get passive aggressive about label demands nn

  18. Big XCX energy.
  19. She should make a tiktok exposing who fucked up on the Hot Hot sample clearance.
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