Bree Runway - "WOAH, WHAT A BLUR" + General Discussion

Like the intro interlude should have been a full song

Yeah I think she needs to do a RAYE.
Unrelated or maybe not but remember when RAYE kicked off and left her non-album-releasing major label so that she could release an album.... ddd. Has she even released a solo single since then? I love and stan her but maybe she should've waited a bit more.
I see you've changed your tune now that RAYE is smashing dd.
Yes I feel like she needs to go it alone because it feels like the canteen lady at her label is a bigger priority than her.
If you think what RAYE did isn't one in a million success, a lighting in a bottle moment that can be replicated... I love your positivity.

Not when Foxes, Nina Nezbit, MØ, Stefflon Don, Karen Harding, Gracey, Daya, ALMA, Aluna, Ella Eyre, Raissa, Sinead Harnet and hundreds other girlies stay in career limbo.

Bree has exausted her major label chances and needs to try something else though, have a major change of plan. That's what I meant by doing a a RAYE.
It’s since been deleted, but Bree tweeted something along the lines of the industry mostly investing in certain types of artists shortly before the EP release. She seemed frustrated, it was disheartening to read.

I know the UK media/label machine is quick to drop female artists in general, but they rarely give black women a shot these days. It’s no coincidence that most of the black women seeing any kind of UK success right now (RAYE, Little Simz, Jorja Smith) are doing so outside of the major label system.

It’s almost as if they’re afraid to promote anyone that doesn’t appeal to what they see as Harry Styles core fanbase. Hopefully things are changing with FLO getting an industry push this year…..because the audience for black women (and queer artists of colour) is there.