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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. The thing that I’m most obsessed by is how unknown the majority of the cast is. Guest stars of Casualty and Waterloo Road galore! And the lead actress being the actual daughter of the actual Sally Webster? I mean...!
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  2. I kinda love and hate it at the same time. Can't stop watching.
  3. I hope they beef up the writing for next season. The entire resolution of the main storyline cannot literally be that
    the hero finally ejaculated inside the heroine
    . They probably need to deviate from the books because Quinn is not that great at layered plotting, and there's not that much there.

    Also Polly Walker makes Portia Featherington so much better than she has any right to be. My other fave character next to Lady Danbury.
  4. I was gonna skip cause I can't get into period pieces but this made me watch.
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  5. The fact that he doesn’t want a child just to spite his nasty dead dad feels a little too thin a plotline to hang the entire series on but nevertheless this is a hell of a lot of fun.
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  6. 2 episodes in and I'm liking this more than any reasonable person should...dddd. Julie Andrews brings out my faggotry harder than Britney, Bey, or Gaga ever I'm obsessed?

    Xoxo G̶o̶s̶s̶i̶p̶ ̶̶G̶i̶r̶l̶ Lady Whistledown.
  7. I finished this today and it was exactly what I wanted it to be. Talented and gorgeous cast, quick writing, beautiful sets and costumes, lots of soapy twists, etc. This kind of period romance generally isn't my thing, but I gave this a go because it's from Shonda and because I needed some escapist fluff right now. I agree with others that the main plot (refusing to have a child because of some daddy issues) was so thin that it threatened to evaporate. Since it was only 8 episodes I feel like it moved along briskly enough, despite there being very little actual conflict. But the sex scenes were fun! If you take a shot every time the Duke busts a nut on the bed or a barn floor, you'll be trashed.

    The side stories are what really sold me on this. I loved Lady Danbury and Lady Fetherington. The camp was A+. Marina's story was good, too. And all of the men on the show could break my neck.

    The Lady Whistledown reveal was a bit of a snooze, I guessed it fairly early on.
  8. Was this the actual reveal though? I feel like with Shonda it could be a purposeful mislead and we find out she only works for Lady Whistledown or something...
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  9. While I do agree that the actual plot is a bit thin, I think the cast saves the show from its relative weaknesses. Everybody is so charming and funny and well-cast in their roles that it's always enjoyable even when it dips a bit here and there.
  10. Also, I hardly come into a soapy mess like this expecting plot or story. All I need are the lovely aesthetics, and ridiculous shallow drama, and I'm good to go.

    I'm also inclined to believe the Whistledown reveal is a fake out as it was just too obvious.
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  11. I really want to like this but I’m three episodes in and literally nothing is happening. I have no idea how they can drag this tenuous plot out for another 5 hours. Everything is over explained to a ridiculous degree - yes we get Eloise doesn’t want a traditional female role - and the characters just aren’t compelling enough to make it interesting. Maybe if they’d made each episode 40 minutes and cut some of the excess it would be more bearable.
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  12. I can scarcely think of many people in the world that are as drop dead gorgeous as this.

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  13. You might enjoy his Instagram then! "JBayLeaf" is also an excellent username.

    With regards to the show, I found it to be very entertaining, and didn't expect it to be that addictive.

    The fact that underlying daddy issues was the main reason why Simon Hastings did not want children was a bit poor and bizarre.

    Did he have far too much pride to not realise that his vow to his dead father was not legally binding, and was not heard by anyone else?

    I was expecting his reason to be that he was impotent, or had been physically injured in the downstairs department such that he could provide ("could not" vs "would not"). Not that he just detested his father that much to not want to continue the line.

    The arc ultimately ends with Simon no longer pulling out during sex, and finishing inside of Daphne. This makes it sound like they are appeasing their onlyfans split audience; some want him to pull out, whilst others don't.

    I'm sure the servants were happy that they didn't have to deal with cleaning up questionable stains in clothes and handkerchiefs.
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  14. like I’m not already all over that.
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  15. I'm half way thru and not nearly enough gay sex or gratuitous male nudity.
  16. I thought this was Paul from Deuce dressed as Peter Andre.
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  17. I started this and the only thing keeping me watching it is the guys.... It’s Gossip Girl, just quite boring sadly.
  18. Just watched the entire thing in 2 days. It was shit and I loved it. Great gowns, beautiful gowns.

    Okay... I might have just enjoyed it because of the Duke. I've decided Regé-Jean Page will be my new husband.

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  19. They say ‘indeed’ a lot on this show, don’t they?

    This is so shite and I fucking adore it.
  20. Scratch this, i was kinda glued to this and finished it over a couple of days. It really does grow on you. It's a mess, obviously but it's fun.
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