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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. The fucking male eye candy in this is... quite something.
  2. So happy to see Kathryn Drysdale still collecting cheques, been a far of hers for a long time.
  3. The show was a mess, but I enjoyed it. As a gay guy, I appreciated the extra focus on the men in the sex scenes, of which there were so many it started to feel a little soft core. I realize though that the source material is romance novels. I The show needed more Jonathan Bailey. He starts out feeling like one of our leads and then spends several episodes just sort of there.

    The writing was paper thin, the baby plot line... is what it is, I guess. I thought the show was cast very well, though Eloise tended to overact quite a bit and while I welcome the character who wants to be independent and make her own way in the world without a husband, the writing for her felt a bit hamfisted.

    I saw the Lady Gossip Girl reveal coming as well, but obviously they'll work their way around that for the inevitable second season.
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  4. I was WET with lust by the season finale, but also bored and relieved it ended?
    A very conflicted watching experience, if I may say so.
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  5. I stopped watching after 4 episodes. Too boring, and I couldn’t care less about the characters - except for Penelope and Eloise who were great.
  6. How does she still look the same as she did in 2001? I can’t get over it! Stunning woman.
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  7. I binge watched this in 2 days and loved it. Jonathon Bailey is unreal.

    Not be sound daft but
    Is Penelope Lady Whistledown? Or just related to the scenario. I wasn’t sure if it was confirmation or not at the end.
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  8. The show definitely implies that she IS Whistledown, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a fake out.
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  9. Post-show interviews confirm she is indeed. That was intended to be a reveal.
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  10. I didn't think it was that much of a reveal, it seemed pretty obvious to me ddd. Although...

    Didn't the Julie Andrews voiceover say we'd never know her identity?
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  11. I’m starting this after a couple of afternoon brandy’s...

    Beautiful gowns
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  12. I'm on episode three and... I really want to like this. More than I actually do.
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  13. They should really trim down each episode to 45 minutes and it would be a lot more enjoyable. Also watching straight people have sex for 60 minutes in Episode 6...not even Taylor on the instrumental can salvage that.
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  14. I didn't realize that there was a thread on here about Bridgerton. I am obsessed, tbh. I binged it in its entirety in a single night.

    How can I love Jonathan Bailey, but absolutely loathe Anthony? It's a strange dichotomy, tbh.
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  15. Simone Ashley has been cast as Jonathans love interest in season 2. They will be the main characters.
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  16. Ooh, that's exciting. I love her in Sex Education.
  17. Oh, is each season going to centre more around one member of the family and their relationship then?
  18. Yea I think thats the plan cuz apparently thats how the books work.
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  19. I only started this because Jonathan Bailey is a Final Fantasy XIV voice actor.
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