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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Nov 2, 2020.

  1. It must've been interesting knowing Jonathan Bailey from his voice work only to see his bare ass in the first couple of minutes of the first episode of the show.
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  2. I was SHOOKETH
  3. Good luck with that career you speak of now that you've abandoned the one reason you're known.
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  4. My mothers heart will be broken.
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  5. He was only contracted for one season....
    It doesn’t read as if it was his choice, he was always only contracted for one season. Each season is going to revolve around a new siblings love story, so it seems they’ll be letting characters go to introduce new ones, every year.

    Sad he won’t be back though.
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  6. BTG


    It was 100% his decision. He was the breakout star of the whole thing. They’d have had him back in a heartbeat, even in a reduced capacity.
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  7. It was very much his decision not to renew his contract. Now, they may not have agreed on the terms on a new contract, but it is ultimately his choice not to sign. I know scheduling conflicts are being reported as a reason, but his new film is also shooting in Europe, and he’s not one of the leads - nor does it sound like he would have been a lead in Season 2 of this - so I really doubt that couldn’t have been coordinated. That seems like a PR spin.
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  8. The way they’re trying to spin it as “he was only ever going to be around for one season!” when they did absolutely nothing to tie up his character arc.
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  9. Really? His story felt pretty complete to me. His major character arc was that he had daddy issues and was refusing to have kids, which was entirely resolved by the end of the season.

    The Viscount Who Loved Me doesn’t feature much of him at all, it’s mostly Daphne meddling in Anthony’s love life, so it makes sense that he’s decided to leave.
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  10. He can leave, he's had his moment and he can do what he wants with it. Season 2 is Jonathan's moment although his hair for the SAG awards was a disaster so lets hope they sort that shit out.
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  11. This really must have been HUGE for them.
  12. I haven't seen this but I am a little pissed how they outright renewed it for three more seasons when most Netflix shows literally don't make it beyond season 2.
  13. It’s annoying how Netflix goes on renewal sprees for some series. However with this particular show it’s understandable with how much buzz it created for Netflix. Also the pandemic has probably taught them to have more seasons finished before production stops.
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  14. Seems odd Daphne will be about meddling but not her husband.
    "The Duke is out of the country on business" teas, I smell.
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  15. Considering how much they paid Shonda just to join the Netflix family, they certainly weren’t going to let her first show go away quickly, especially when it’s been so well-received.
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  16. I want a How To Get Away With Murder tie-in double episode. Give us Annelise as the Queen's cousin...and legal counsel.

    We can then spend the whole special wondering whether or not she is the Duke's true biological mother until realizing, in a novel and unexpected plot twist, she knew him from childhood but is not, in fact, a blood relative, hence why she can simultaneously love him as her own and love him as a man.
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  17. I'm with you but it's not surprising in this case. 82 million viewers, Shonda's name on the tin and the fact that there's almost unlimited source material in the books all add up to make it a no brainer really. I am surprised they announced it before season 2 even gets off the ground, though.
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