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Bright Light Bright Light - Fun City (2020) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. There was a business sized card inside the vinyl sleeve with a code on in my copy.
  2. jtm


    Unfortunately, yes. It might be a region specific thing.
  3. Thanks, I found it hiding in there!
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  4. I listened to Running Back To You for the first time in a while last night... and then listened again, and again and again...

    I've been in love with that song since the very first time I heard it. About a year after it's release (I don't like to rush things- you need time to get perspective on these important matters) I updated my personal "Top 20 of all time" list to include this song. I actually think it might now be Top 5. I genuinely think it's a perfect pop song.
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  5. Running Back to You is one of the best things he's done for sure. I still listen to it a lot. See also In Your Care.

    I'm not sure if I'll ever enjoy an album of his as much as Make Me Believe though. That was the perfect soundscape to that time in my life.
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  6. Make Me Believe In Hope is certainly special. This remaster makes it sound like a different record, it's much richer production-wise. There must have been so much hidden in the original master.
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  7. Are some of the tracks re Records? I have to admit I don’t like the tweaks to Moves and Cry At Films. If I hadn’t played those songs to death I’d be fine with the new versions but they just feel alien to me unfortunately.
  8. I got the remaster the other day and really enjoyed revisiting. Disco Moment remains his opus.
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  9. BOP!
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  10. Oh. My. Bop.
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  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Oh wow. A gay fever dream.

  12. This is incredible news for Rod.
  13. Shame he isn't at the Manchester date.
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  14. I've been revisiting his discography lately. Make Me Believe in Hope remains flawless from start to end. The other two LPs are great as well - not quite as perfect as the debut, but still flipping fantastic. He's such a gem of an artist.
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  15. Just a heads up to you all. Rod will be emailing an unreleased track called What I'd Do For You to all of his album #4 FUNdraisers on Friday 20th December. Contribute any amount to support him and album #4 before then to receive it: The song won't be included on the new album.
  16. Another heads up - he's giving away a free download of the Live Is Easy live album (from his tour with Erasure) if you complete a survey here about touring in 2020.

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  17. New single featuring Niki Haris, Donna De Lory and produced by Initial Talk, out Friday!
  18. Niki Harris, Donna De Lory AND Initial Talk?! Oh my!

    Sounds amazing!
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