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Bright Light Bright Light - Fun City (2020) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Andy is the only collab I’m excited for! Shears didn’t distract but also didn’t add to the song.
  2. Rod's released another collection of old songs re-recorded live during isolation. Bandcamp are waiving their fees for today, and Rod will donate that to Black Lives Matter.

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  3. “I Used To Be Cool” is the next single, out June 30th.

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  4. I’ll have to be honest the overwhelming number of features is turning me off this release. Especially since her admitted all the songs have been written in their entirety before asking other to sing a verse/line. I suspect I’ll enjoy the songs just don’t expect to enjoy it as a collection as much as his other releases.
  5. Out at midnight - "I Used To Be Cool" EP which includes the new single (and the only track on the new album not to have a feature!) with a few remixes.

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  6. I love just how gay and outrageously camp that is, haha.
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  7. Uno


    The song is cute but doesn't really take off anywhere like This Was My House did.

    The video is very... Fire Island to me.
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  8. She's cute and the video is a scream but it's nothing particularly special.
  9. The video is funny (maybe, kinda, in a clichéd way) but for me, it does absolutely nothing to lift the song. More to the contrary.
  10. This is actually my favorite of the three new songs.
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  11. That was hot
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  12. Pre-save the album on Spotify, Apple Music, etc and get a free bonus track of “Spinning The Wheel” (a George Michael cover) to download.
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  13. I appreciate him looking like a zaddy in the video.
  14. So Rod's giving out a bonus song on Instagram to all who have preordered the album (and have the screengrab to prove it). Do we know if it's the same Spinning the Wheel cover he gave out for pre-saves, or a different song?
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  15. I don't see the post for some reason, can you share a link to it?
  16. It's from his mailing list (remember those?):


    We're almost on track for a great first week position come September 18th, which is so encouraging and so appreciated! I'd love to send everyone a huge thank you, so here's what you can do if you'd like one!

    DM me on Instagram at @brightlightx2 and send me a photo of your pre-order or your Spotify / Apple Music pre-save and you'll be sent a bonus song as a thank you!

    ** If you don't use Instagram you can email [email protected] with a screengrab also!

    Thank you once again! xx
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  17. Thanks for sharing. For some reason I didn't get the email although I'm subscribed (I think...). I've just messaged him, so let's see if it is Spinning The Wheel or something different!
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  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    It is Spinning The Wheel.
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