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Bright Light Bright Light - Fun City (2020) + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dennis, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Ah, great, thanks guys!
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  2. Quite funny to make people pre-save to Spotify or Apple Music first of all to get Spinning The Wheel, only to have them send you a screenshot of their pre-save to get it again. Oh, Rod.
  3. londonrain

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    Is it, though? He’s basically just saying you’ll get the same track if you pre-save, regardless of when you pre-saved it. It’s weird that he didn’t say in advance which song it would be, though.
  4. Another release for Bandcamp Friday. Live piano session of the Fun City singles so far, plus Blueprint and Everything I Ever Wanted.

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  5. New single "It's Alright, It's Ok" with Caveboy out August 18th.

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  6. Remember It's Alright, It's Ok is out tomorrow and comes with a handful of remixes.

    It's my favourite so far. There's a nice contrast between Rod and the singer of Caveboy's vocals, and the lyrics are great - very empowering and hopeful.
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  7. I’m not amazed by this project so far. I really liked the first track but I was a bit put off by every song except one including a feature.
  8. Personally, I'm less and less excited after each album. Not feeling any of the songs so far. Too aware of being campy and the modern twist isn't working for me.
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  9. The new single is giving me London Nights by The London Boys realness.
  10. Remember this is out tomorrow (midnight local)!

    It's quite nice - definitely what we might expect from Rod at this point without too many surprising turns. Some of the features feel a bit pointless honestly, and often don't add much to what Rod does on his own in each of the songs but I do love the concept of it being a collaborative project celebrating LGBTQ+ identities. I just wish it was a little more exciting overall.
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  11. Uno


    I agree that his albums have slid down in quality after the first 2.

    This Was My House is soo good, but nothing else on the album has came close to it so far.
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  12. I blame New York! I miss the cool synthy euro bops but I will get this album. He needs all the support he can get and he did release this album on CD unlike a certain Norwegian songstress.
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  13. Loving the album, the singles sound great in context of the album, and some guest appearances are really good.
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  14. It’s his weakest album for me I feel like there’s decent songs and average songs nothing is bad but nothing is great. Also some of the features are just unnecessary. The female vocalist add the most as the male vocals aren’t really written in a duet style so it would make little difference if they were sung all by Rod. I’ve bought it, I’ll bop to it but it’s not his best in my opinion.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This came into work by surprise and it' You Make It So Easy is a bop.
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  16. I’m pretty sure other than This Was My House which transcends the album in many ways for me my favourite track is It’s Alright It’s Okay. I love the line ‘Did you come as a boy or a girl? Did you come as yourself - even better!’
  17. I'm enjoying this quite a bit. As others have said, some of the features seem a little pointless and I'd prefer to hear Rod on his own. But I love the LGBT+ collaboration aspect. Saying Goodbye is Exhausting is beautiful, a poignant and slightly depressing tribute that bought a tear to my eye.

    My favourites are still This Was My House and It's Alright, It's OK. Looking forward to getting to know the songs a bit more though.
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  18. I'm liking this album a lot. Wasn't too keen on a couple of the tracks released prior to the album, but they all seem to work within the rest of the album. I could never get in to his second album, so that's my least favourite of the four, by a long stretch. I hadn't heard Andy Bell's voice in recent years, it's a shame it's seemingly shot.
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  19. For me this is way better than Choreography and reminds me more of the first two albums and why I loved him in the first place, it’s odd how the singles are my least liked. Choreography was just so bland or something, I don’t know. Andy Bell does sound awful though. I hope he makes the Top 40.
  20. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Choreography was top 40 in the midweeks as well, wasn’t it? I’d be amazed if this actually makes it to the final top 40, given that I expect his sales are pretty frontloaded, but here’s hoping it outperforms Choreography.
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