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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoWenchy83, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Rod's released a number of old recordings from 2003-2008, pre-Bright Light Bright Light for Bandcamp Friday - find it here if the embedded content is wonky.


  2. "Arms Of Another" - one of the b-sides being included on the "So Gay. So Dramatic." compilation album - is being released Friday. Pre-save:
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  3. "Being Sentimental" remixes out now via Bandcamp. They're all fan made as part of a competition Rod was running on his socials, and these 4 were voted as the best ones by his Patreon supporters.

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  4. Received my copy of 'So Gay. So Dramatic.' yesterday. Absolutely love the cover! Not to mention the title... I know quite a few of these songs already but most of them are new to me I think.

    I'm really looking forward to diving into this. Although I sadly didn't love the last album, I loved his first three albums so much, so I'm sure that there will be some great gems on this. Seriously, I think he's done some of my absolute favourite pop songs of the last decade- Disco Moment, Moves, Everything I Ever Wanted, I Believe, Running Back To You, Where Is The Heartache, Into The Night are all amazing pop songs- and he should be a lot bigger than he is.

    Interesting to read that 'Arms of Another' is one of his own personal favourites, I've always thought it was one of his best songs and was surprised that it didn't get put on an album. That bit where he bursts out with 'And yes, I tend to blame myself...' is one of the very best moments in his entire discography.

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  5. Please tell me it's an Elton-free zone!
  6. I can confirm it’s Elton free!
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  7. Fun, we seem to have exactly the same taste with his music. I do miss the more dark and longing side of him. Good that we have some of that here and especially Arms of Another!
  8. "So Gay. So Dramatic" is maybe the best album title in pop history!
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  9. I hope it lives up to the title! He lost me with his last album so I hope this is more like his earlier work.
  10. Really? Interesting... I think Fun City is his best album.
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  11. I own much of this double album already but it's really nice to have it all collected together in one package. A lot of it I haven't heard for years so it's been great to revisit it.
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  12. I listened to So Gay. So Dramatic. while doing some work and it almost felt like a greatest hits to me. I know it's b-sides instead of singles, but there was a nice familiarity to it, and it flows really well. It works as a nice little career retrospective.
  13. I always loved his music but his last few Albums kind of lost me. Fun City was Ok but not all Songs connected with me. His debut album will always have a special place in my heart and I continue to support him on Patreon... I really like the new album, maybe because it's a collection of old Songs.
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  14. Just discovered him today. What took me so long? Why isn’t he more famous? Ordered So Gay So Dramatic on the strength of Blood Moon alone.
  15. Be sure to check out his Cinematography EPs which are synthpop covers of 80s and 90s movie hits




    His covers of Do You Dream About Me? from Mannequin, Maniac from Flashdance, Causing A Commotion from Who's That Girl, Face To Face from Batman Returns, Put A Little Love In Your Heart from Scrooged plus Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time and Cathy Dennis' Touch Me are sublime.
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  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    In fairness he’s a completely independent artist so is never going to get the kind of mainstream fame he deserves - especially as a 30-something gay man whose sound is heavily inspired by the nineties.

    Make Me Believe In Hope is one of my favourite debut albums ever. If you haven’t heard it already I strongly recommend it!
  17. I’m seriously excited. What a find (for me)!
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  18. Without listening to every single song today I think these would be my absolute favourites.

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  19. Feel It is such a gut punch.
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