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Brigitte Nielsen - Every Body Tells A Story (iconic 1988 album) now on Streaming.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. Almost all songs have 0 plays so I suspect this was added recently.
    Falco's 1986 album reissue made me think of her duet and I decided to look her up and there she is.

    Speaking of which:

    Track 1 is a Michael Davidson co-write!
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Iconic for Brigitte talking in Italian to the Spanish audience. The leaning in for a kiss and being ignored. The wigs. Everything.

  5. Oh thank you!
    I loved (and bought) this album at the time. I’m curious to know if I still like it. will let you know
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  6. It’s not on Apple Music UK. Sniff.
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  7. Ah, that is great news. Meri's version of My Obsession is THE version though...
  8. what's a Meri
  9. Rude
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  10. I guess we can group her debut with that iconic mid to late 80s trend of 'celebs' or glamour girls wanting a pice of the Madonna pie? With Samantha Fox, Stephanie, Sabrina, Mandy Smith... who else?
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  11. Kylie?
  12. I guess so! The most successful of them all too - then and in the long run.
    The fact all gave us multiple bops... we really won.
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  13. I love Brigitte! Queen of Film, Music and Reality TV. Queen of Stealing Cobra and Rocky IV from Sly and Beverly Hills Cop 2 from Eddie.
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  14. First time hearing this album & I'm quite liking it?!
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  15. It definitely serves some bops.
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  16. Love the title track! But my fav is "Keep it moving", such a fun 80's bop.
  17. The most momerable moment of her career.

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