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Britain's Got Talent 2013

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Betty, May 4, 2013.

  1. Anyone watching this year? I'm quite likeing it this year mainly because of Alesha Dixon, she's a breath of fresh air.
  2. That impressionist woman was very good. I haven't seen much else.
  3. I'm loving the love for Alesha Dixon, she is the only reason I watch.
  4. I love Alesha so much. I wish would release another album though.
  5. I told myself I wouldn't watch BGT at all this year after successfully avoiding it last year (and thank fuck I did, a dog won...), but I caught Francine's audition and it was hilarious, she was frigging brilliant. Her Cheryl impression was amazing! She was very funny, I've been quoting her impressions ever since.

    The shadow dancing people were great too, someone showed me it on Youtube last week. Also Alesha Dixon is perfect for a show like this, she's so likable and seems much more comfortable here than on Strictly, though I'd love for her to go back to that and replace Darcy.
  6. Alesha said she could have done Strictly and BGT! and she was offered to be a judge on X Factor.
  7. Alesha gives me so much life! and she looks so Hot!
  8. Alesha and David were amazing as always, Amanda Holden.... luckiest hanger on ever.

    I think Philip Green is sweet but I had to turn away at some points. I really worry about him, if he doesn't get through I kind of feel like he'll have a nervous breakdown or something.
  9. Modupe has experienced producer meddling no doubt, sort of reminds me of that girl that came out and sung 'Single Ladies' a few years ago.

    This show is feeling a bit like a few years ago? It doesn't seem as strong as last year.
  10. There's so many breaks.
  11. Alesha looks so stunning the woman is perfect.
  12. Is it me or you know when Gabz was put through on her initial audition and they play some instrumental song after they tell her she's through...did that song sound a bit like the one she wrote?

  13. ^ Yeah, I'm almost certain that they played a studio version of the song at the end. That sounded closer to the version she sang tonight, with the backing vocals and everything.
  14. It was indeed, you could even hear her vocals on it, we were talking about it at the time.

    I remember rumours earlier in the year that they were considering a Britain's Kids Got Talent separate show, seems like they went ahead with that idea, doesn't it?
  15. I absolutely loved Alice Debenham's meek 'I'm so downtrodden by the press that I can barely even look at the camera' face.
  16. She was such a pain in the arse and too "overwhelmed" to appear with the other acts backstage. I've rarely been more thrilled when someone didn't get through on a reality show!
  17. Is everyone ignoring the fact that Labrinth's little brother is married to 'former-next-big-thing' Mpho!!!!???
  18. Makes sense now - I was just thinking the song wasn't very original or something. Looks like they're all ready to go with Gabz regardless of where she places.

  19. Cormac is my neighbour, it's a bit strange watching him on the show but good for him.
  20. I used to work alongside her, I always got on pretty well with her.
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