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Britney and Madonna...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aime, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. OK, here's an extract from an article about Britney's new Dateline interview. Taken from:

    Spears also gave Madonna a definitive brush-off, as she responded to Lauer's question about whether they had "a relationship" with an unambiguous no. "I respect her work and I think she's a very smart lady," said Spears. "But I don't live that [referring to Kabbalah, the religious theodicy to which she was introduced by Madonna] like those people do." Spears also got in a dig at Madonna's well-known penchant for re-invention when Lauer asked her about the change in the public's perception of her, suggesting that she couldn't - or wouldn't - put herself through personal "transformation."

    Any comments?
  2. If you watch the whole thing, the Madonna mentions were a very small part of it. I didn't see it as a brush-off, more that she didn't want to drone on about another artist or Kabbalah. How many times do you imagine she's been asked about Madonna and 'that kiss' etc? She's probably as bored to death of it as we are.
  3. Well, the 'brush off' thing is the direct quote from the article. However, I think it was a bit surprising to know that they didn't have 'a relationship' when it was Britney who was bragging about it all the time...
    Oh, and she does mention Goldie Hawn and P!nk as 'people who inspire her'...
  4. Britney relates to dumb blonds more than smart, tough ones. She is sweet'n'stupid.
  5. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I'm going to be controversial and say that I don't think associating oneself with what is perceived by many to be a cult is something a 'smart' person would do. In fact, I think P!nk comes across as a much better role-model at the moment.
  6. My favorite tabloid report is the one that claims Madge wants her wedding gift to Britney returned.

    In the end, Britney is just another LA girl who went to one meeting and kept raising her hand to ask "when do we get the bracelet?"
  7. Jon


    I'm searching frantically for the Good Karma button.
  8. Loves it. I had the braclet once...I made it myself using some red stirng I took from the Science lab at school, I was gutted when Britney annouced about two days later that 'baby' was her new religion, I only did cos Britney did...

    And that string protecting you from the 'Evil Eye' I thoguht that was great, until i found out it didn't mean you couldn't get evils from people...
  9. MY favourite tabloid report is the one that claims Madonna has sent Britney 'a Kaballah curse'!
  10. I thought it was a bit odd that she distance herself from Madge now, but I guess I see her reasoning (what with all the anti-cult stuff going on, thanks to Tom "Bat-Shit Crazy" Cruise)... was so ridiculous when Britney kept name-dropping Goldie Hawn and P!nk. It seemed so rehearsed.
  11. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Yet, this interview was anything but rehearsed, Britney refused her PR people to be with her during the interview. A bold move if you ask me.
  12. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Yes, I thought it was extremely brave.

    There's a clip of a new song on her web site called "Rebellion." It's quite odd, and I think the less said about it, the better. Saying that, some people love the DFA track and "Guilty," so maybe they'll disagree.
  13. Yeah, it's OK. And the clip is OK too. A bit 'out there' but this is never a bad thing, right?
  14. "Rebellion" =ugh.

    'Brave' to not use your professional publicists? Perhaps. 'Foolish' may be the better word for it. She looked/sounded horrible. She clearly had her own agenda for that interview; I wonder if she did it all behind the backs of her team, or if they warned her not to and she pressed on anyway.
  15. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    "Rebellion", for the brief 12 seconds that can be heard, is the pop/r&b/grunge Britney that most people seem not to like, but its a very rough cut obviously, and where can I find "Guilty".

    P.S. Aime, that picture is, I don't know.
  16. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I think her agenda was to gain sympathy, and speak for herself, rather than have people speak for her all the time, which is quite brave - she wanted to take control . She kept quiet about everything for so long - the only official statements came from Leslie Sloane Zelnick - and I think it was time she finally spoke out. She looked a bit rough, but much less rough than she does when she's out and about, and I think that was part of the whole defiance. And, judging from the "Dateline" web site poll, I think it worked - over 80% voted that they think the paparazzi have gone too far with Britney (not that they eased up - the following day they were snapping her on the beach with Sean Preston).
  17. I think Britney has distanced herself from Madonna because she has realized that she's a bit too dumb to cope with all that smartness ...

    M is like a walking brain and B is like a walking tit.
  18. Hmm. Well, from what I have seen on the web, most folks think she damaged herself with the interview. Seriously so. BUT it's a bit of a no-brainer that paparrazi are out of control. Someone (a la Diana) will die and it will calm down and then start back up.

    The press ARE hard on Britney, but most of her problems are the result of her own actions. It was clear in the interview that she did not want to acknowledge that. She needs better people around her. It is that simple.
  19. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    No, I think she did acknowledge that she has made mistakes, but are they really anything more than that? At least they aren't to me, a lot of the stuff she has to put up with really is a direct result of the paparazzi going too far with her.
  20. She never acknowledged that it is not a good idea to drive w/your baby on your lap, for instance.

    I wish people would transfer their affections to a star with more brainpower. Britney has the aura of an overgrown little girl.
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