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Britney: Live in Concert 2017

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by MYCAL, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. Hong Kong is coming for sure

    The Piece Of Me font/orange background?
  2. Hong Kong date confirmed
  3. Not to start another riot but I kind of wish our Britney was dating your Sam Fox instead of nobody's Sam whoever.
  4. I have to say I love that they finally got it right with the photo they're using to promote this. I don't care that its a year old. Honestly I even wish it were the Glory cover. After them using that infamous photo from the Femme Fatale shoot for everything they possibly could, I'll take this one as its replacement. At least its a great photo.
  5. Not Britney's Piece of Me: World Tour To Places Nobody Goes On Tour 2017 actually adding more dates. She'll be announcing Edinburgh Corn Exchange any day now.

    I was about to say I hope she enjoys the dead Hong Kong crowd but the expat gays will turn out in the force at least.
  6. I am glad she is visting places that she hasn't been to or been for ages.
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  7. Oh wow the Hong Kong date is on a Tuesday which is perfect for me. I could easily get the bus down from Guangzhou for a few days. Decisions.
  8. oh WOW Britney!!! FFFFFFUCCK i'm SO EXCITED.
  9. Damn it to hell, the title of this thread had me thinking it was finally a DVD planned. That would be too practical and lucrative for them, though.

    "We couldn't get rights to distribute Missy Elliot's songs for the dance break. No dvd."

    So fucking cut shit like that!
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  10. Hannah Mimetana - The Tour.

    No, in all seriousness I'm glad she's touring and delighted she won't be doing her Vegas residency anymore.
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  11. @2014 ban pls
  12. Why would they put out a dvd of a show she's still doing and they're still making money off? If we get a dvd it'll be next year when the show's wrapped.
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  13. Errr it's not uncommon for Vegas acts to release DVDs between legs.
  14. Do we have any update on those tickets sell in Israel and Manila? Are those sold out already?
  15. OUCH!
  16. While he's at it, he should ban you for using textspeak.

    Why do you hate the rules so much @Vasilios? Why?
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  17. Queen of casually tweeting single international tour dates at 11:00PM on a Sunday night.
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