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Britney Spears - 10th Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, May 16, 2018.

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  1. They better fucking be watching Xtina's campaign in regards to rollout. Aside from the video, Glory was on the right track - but this one should be way more streamlined like Liberation has been so far.
  2. I feel like she's been cooking up an album in secret for the past year or so. Can't wait for some new music.
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  3. With her saying that in the interview, Justin Tranter saying she was working on something coming soon and the writer of Love Me Down and Burns hinting they’d worked with her... she could very well be further along than we think.

    A Q4 release seems soon but a Q1 Of 2019 release doesn’t seem that unrealistic considering the tour will likely be used to drum up interest in her as an artist again.

    Single for tour, tour, late January lead into an early March album release then the new residency later in 2019.

    Exciting times ahead.
  4. I revisited Glory last week and reminded myself what a great album it is. I hope her team know this and use it as a blue print, because after Britney Jean I thought there was no coming back.
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  5. The Kesha "Rainbow" album campaign was also FLAWLESS. That's something I would love from Britney. She should pick her favorite tracks for singles, make videos prior and release them every week or every other week.
  6. It'd be great if Britney and her team take cues from recent high-profile campaigns, get the visuals ready before the launch and roll it out seamlessly. But I have little faith in anything other than the music.
  7. It's not like we'd see her going in & out of the studio - we don't really get candids anymore unless she's on vacation or at the airport. And like others have pointed out, quite a few producers have hinted at working with her over the last several months. In this case, it's nice to have confirmation from Britney herself that she's working on something. It's pretty rare that she has very long gaps between studio albums, so I'd bet on this coming in early 2019 if not late 2018.
  8. After the brilliance that was "Glory" I'm ready whenever she is, it feels like she really rediscovered her passion for making music with that album and if some of the same people are on board that's even better.
  9. I still play Glory regularly. I really hope this is coming sooner than we think, although I doubt it. I can’t has felt like over the last few years she’s regained some of her passion for her music. I hope they let her let her freak flag fly like last time.
  10. She usually teases fans with studio pics, etc... I wonder why it's so secretive this time.
  11. I’m readyyyyy for new Britney

    I think we’ll get another Circus/BJ planning for the era: I mean, lead single in September and album in late November/December, tho i’d love a single during the summer (around mid-July like Make Me) even though I don’t see it happening
  12. Close this thread. Far too early.
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  13. Yea, maybe if the Glory campaign had been stretched out a bit more I'd be less perched but... I'm thirsty as fuck for new Britney music. I'm content to wait if it means we're getting something on the level of Glory, though. I just want a sexy, fun, pop album that's full of quality production and vocals as strong as the last record.
    Sis, there are album threads that have been open since 2014 and the records aren't out yet. Britney confirmed she's working on something, producers have hinted at working with her, and realistically this will be out within a year at the most. If this is open too early for you, then stay in the general discussion thread.
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  14. Well Kesha is on RCA, and it seems they did the same with Justin and now Xtina, so I wouldn't be surprised if Brit followed suit.
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  15. ... huh imagine that.
  16. It’s a no from me
  17. I feel like it's going to be really long ride, but I would love to be proved wrong (by throwing lead single in September ddd)
  18. I can't believe I've missed the first page.
    But yas, queen. We're so fucking ready.
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  19. And people wonder why there is a bit of an issue with overzealous Britney fans around here.
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  20. Crazy to think this is her tenth studio album. I could see this out in the fall.
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