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Britney Spears - 10th Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, May 16, 2018.

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  1. I'm pretty convinced we'll get the album in Q4 2019 or whenever the new Vegas residency starts next year. Don't see it coming before summer of next year but wouldn't mind being wrong.
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  2. I can’t wait!!! Glory feels like such a long time ago now.
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  3. It would be nice if Britney could have another resurgence on radio. I don’t think the last two albums really had it together (not that Glory isn’t superb).
  4. It's always interesting to see when the public goes for her on radio. I truly think she'll have her "Believe" moment sometime down the line.
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  5. I’d love it to be released later this year instead of early next year just so she can do the award show rounds (VMAs, AMAs, iHeart, Grammys). But I agree with the post earlier that late 2019 makes way more sense for her as she’s starting another residency.
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  6. Hey y’all! I have no interest in this at all but I will be here comparing it to Liberation every step of the way!

    I wonder where this will chart?
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  7. Britney's 10th album. Glory was two years ago. Oh my god I'm really old.
  8. A new post asking about the Rumored Elements project has just been deleted. Jordy knows something. Otherwise how would you explain my account was suspended after doing a similar post.
  9. My account was suspended and I did absolutely nothing. Literally. I was inactive since 2013.

    But I want to believe in this project lol It's not a Britney era if you don't believe in at least one insane rumor.
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  10. Well I can tell you that if this album sells 50k that’s about 49,998 more than Liberation. And that’s a promise I can keep.
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  11. The Janet thread has me wanting the lead to sound something along the lines of All Nite. It's a perfect sound for her / would be a great sonic evolution from Glory.
  12. Let's... not do this. You're no better than the Britney stans instigating in Christina's thread. Plenty of us want to see them both succeed. Someone threw out a stupid Christina comparison in here and was shut down right away. You coming after anyone with a Britney avatar in the Christina thread (and then needlessly dragging Britney as if she has anything to do with it personally) doesn't help.

    But, yea.... if you actually wanna chat charts, I'd wager that Britney's next lead will chart higher than #124. Make Me debuted at #17 without a video to help with streams so

    What's the point of this?
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  13. Well it’ll have to sell that first, hun.
  14. Omg you guys take everything so seriously stop psychoanalysing me! I love Britney and Xtina!!!
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  15. I'm sure you think this is cute, so work I guess. But all you're doing is stooping to the level of the lack-brained stans who you claim to hate so much who are 'stuck in 2002'. There is no Britney fans vs Christina fans; just sloppy internet trolls on both sides. It's dumb when it happens in the Christina thread and it's dumb that you're doing it here. At least aim the stupidity at someone who deserves it like Meghan Trainor. I actually enjoy your posts elsewhere so it's a pity to see you join those ranks.

    Leave the Britney/Christina thing behind and move on.
    I'm not sure what you're even trying to accomplish with posts like this in particular. No one in this thread is insecure about Britney's sales.
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  16. Sis the first post was really an obvious joke poking fun at the back and forth that was going on in the Xtina thread. I really have no investment in this at all, especially not enough to keep track of Britney’s charting. The fact you thought I was serious and actually jumped to talking charts says more about you than it does about me but werk.
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  17. Right, like you jump on the defensive when literally anyone with a Britney avatar posts in Christina's thread. You came in here to cause a stir, which is fine. You did it. It just frustrates me because, while I'm clearly a bigger fan of Britney, I love pop music in general and I want to see Christina succeed too - I'm enjoying her current campaign a lot. But this stupid Britney vs Christina perception lives on online, for whatever reason, and all it serves to do is shut down conversations and lead to both women being dragged needlessly.
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  18. I like both women too and would love nothing more than both of them to be back at the top. Not even chartwise, just showing they still got it; visually, sonically and artistically. Both are showing that so far so I’m excited to see their progression. Like I said I came in here to make a joke poking fun at what was going on and obviously had no intention to follow through and actually stick around to downplay Britney’s success or music. It’s annoying and the reactions it received clearly show that. So now that everyone sees how annoying it is, hopefully it won’t continue. Mind you, my initial post in this thread wasn’t even that bad and it got two of you to come in swinging your fists so dddd.

    Anyway, to put a pin in it: I was joking and I will hope that you speak to other fans making the silly comparisons the way you do to me.
  19. I hope for this too! She can do an awards show sweep and gain traction on single(s) and the album itself throughout the year.

    And I honestly have good hopes about this new album. In terms of lead single success, if she does even a bit better than she did with Make Me, I'd honestly be satisfied. And I believe she will do better if the music video is amazing too. Part of a Britney experience is the iconic music video. Make Me didn't serve that and that harmed the lead single. I don't expect too much for the following singles. I'll be happy as long as they serve it like Slumber Party did. In terms of the actual music itself, I have full faith now in Britney and her team.

    And album quality wise, as long as she follows the path of Glory, I think it's game set.

    It's good that there are no hints at the moment... it will keep us too thirsty until the actual release date.
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  20. Let's just hope that Myah Marie doesn't endorse Trump during release week and ruin the entire campaign.
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