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Britney Spears - 10th Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, May 16, 2018.

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  1. If I wasn't so lazy I'd dig up a dozen posts where annoying stans asked questions about Christina's charting and fans in her thread came back with low blows about my lip-syncing, messy-weaved, Insta Queen fave (my words, not yours), but look - we're both protective of our girls and, yes, we all get annoyed at seeing our faves dragged needlessly. Especially when it comes back to this long-buried feud between two women who define their era of pop music in different ways. I wish we could discuss them in the same sentence without it making people so tense. I doubt the posts will stop on either end... let's just not be part of it.

    We seem to agree on all accounts regarding this back-and-forth between fanbases being useless. Like I said, someone came in here with an 'Xtinct' joke on the first damn page and got shut down very quickly. I try to just stay out of it now in the Christina thread because, when it comes to Brit, it usually just leads to me being jumped on even when I'm trying to stay impartial.
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  2. Seriously, Make Me didn’t have underwhelming success because it’s music video. That narrative has got to stop. Excuses aside, it simply wasn’t the right song to go with as a lead. I promise you, Do You Wanna Come Over would’ve been more successful. Nobody wants meandering midtempos from Britney and her entire past of releasing them proves that. Everytime being the only exception.
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  3. Just because some people can't get over generic 2009 dance pop doesn't mean Make Me wasn't a good choice.
  4. Except it really did, though. Like, not only did the video being delayed by several weeks cause her to lose buzz, but when the new video was released, pretty much any support the song had stopped. It’s not even some conspiracy or excuse. Radio all but gave up on the track after the video came out. It was doing perfectly fine before that.
  5. dddd I changed my mind. It really was too early for this thread.

  6. The fact Make Me has more Spotify streams than YouTube views says it all considering Britney a lot weaker on Spotify.

    Pretty Girls
    YouTube: 171,655,440
    Spotify: 44,730,304

    Work Bitch:
    YouTube: 279,612,594
    Spotify: 119,126,197

    Slumber Party:
    YouTube: 77,968,728
    Spotify: 40,698,058

    Make Me:
    Spotify: 90,757,770
    YouTube: 59,144,319

    We've been through this so many times, Britney is a visual artist and her videos still have heavy impact on her chart performance. The video fucked everything up.
  7. For what it's worth, I don't believe there is anything wrong with a little bit of banter between both fan-bases sometimes, even when you're a fan of both. There's no reason to seethe when a little joke is made. Especially after a lot of Britney fans do make snide remarks in Christina's thread a lot. Although we are all grown up, the baby gay within us all from their 'feud' days, will never truly die. There is always going to be comparisons there and a little bit of harmless competition between the fan-bases.
  8. 6 pages in and its a mess?

    Ah yes this must be the new Britney thread.
  9. This is factually incorrect. For starters Britney hasn't had very many mid tempo singles. Everytime is a ballad. But if we're counting slower songs in general than Sometimes, From the Bottom of My Broken Heart, and Lucky were all hits. Born to Make You Happy and I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman were hits internationally. Everytime is not the only exception.

    And Make Me still managed to get to the top 20 on pop radio and peak in the top 20 of the Hot 100, so while it may not have been a Womanizer sized hit, the narrative that no one was here for it is false. It stayed at #2 on iTunes the entire week after the VMA's. People responded to it. But as a 35 year old pop star, her gateway into streaming was her music videos. And they fucked that up.
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  10. You're wrong, as you usually are.
  11. I agree. It's a fan favourite but the GP doesn't want moody midtempos from Britney.
    Come Over or even Slumber Party would have been better lead singles.
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  12. The point that was being made on the previous page was that 99.9% of the time Britney is brought up in a Xtina thread, it's never just about "harmless competition". Britney has absolutely zero to do with the Liberation album, and yet her name is brought up in that thread with the intent of putting Xtina down. It's completely unnecessary.
  13. The only mid tempo songs on the album that could've done better were Man on the Moon or Just Luv Me, the latter being the better shot of the two.
    It could've been worse, she could've led with Private Show.
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  14. I'm more or less in agreement with you there, which is why I stated in my post that Britney fans can't seethe when a comment is made about Britney when it's usually them trying to start shit, but I am just saying in general that I don't think it is that serious. Although I am a fan of both, I am more invested in Britney, but at the same time I'm not going to write an essay about my personal life when an actual harmless, funny remark was made about Britney. Especially in response to someone with a Britney avatar once again bringing up chart positions, like I saw in this thread the other day.
  15. Why anyone actually wants Britney to regress (especially when the album that preceded Glory is one of the worst things a pop star of her stature has ever released) back to basic dance pop is beyond me. Glory fits the soundscape of what music is right now so perfectly but it still felt like a Britney Spears album. Trust me, releasing a Womanizer/Hold It Against Me/Work Bitch copy in 2018/2019 will make her a laughing stock.

    I swear there’s yearning for every pop star to return back whatever sound made them popular in the first place rather then evolve their sound and artistry. “Madonna needs to work with Patrick Leonard again!” “I miss FameGa and RedOne!” “Rihanna needs another LOUD in her discography!” “I don’t want midtempo songs from Britney!” Just... stop.
  16. I wonder if she will have any more duets on the new album? I kind if want her to do at least a Janet collaboration, since she has been such a fan and their music tastes are similiar.

    The video would be something too.
  17. He


    I hope she sees Xtina's campaign and tries to emulate it. I would love it if she tried to make several smaller music videos for the roll out. Even if it's just interludes of her looking gorgeous and walking around her garden.

    Sidenote: it melted my heart seeing Christina namedrop her as: Brit Brit.
  18. Calling Make Me, her finest single in ages, meandering midtempo is personally offensive to me. It's slinky, sexy and moody and I would be absolutely fine if Britney made songs in that vein for the rest of her career.
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  19. Why do y'all keep saying this as if you went around asking random people in the streets?
  20. Make Me was so well received that it managed to get a #1 on iTunes, and Katy Perry (before Witness fiasco) was the competition.

    Oh I miss that days when I was sure the song would be a hit with an iconic video...
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