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Britney Spears - 10th Album Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, May 16, 2018.

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  1. They claim Britney needs to release a dance pop song as if they're so hot right now. The sooner some of her fans step out of the late 00s or even early 10s, the better. As good as Womanizer is, a 2018 rehash would perform 10 times worse than Make Me.
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  2. I genuinely think trying to figure out what the GP wants is a pointless exercise that leads to stuff that Britney hates like the Femme Fatale material and will probably fail anyway. Just let her do what she wants, she's earned it.
  3. What even is the current trend in music sound wise? I feel like we're getting to the point again in music where anything goes.
  4. These threads are so hostile and stressful. Jesus Christ. Some of you mustn’t have many real problems.
  5. I think her tastes lining up with what was popular at the time was a happy coincidence for Glory but yeah, I'm not sure there's a prevalent sound right now and if there is, it's definitely not I Wanna Go-type Max Martin dance-pop like the poster was asking for.
  6. Just Luv Me would have been a great single and is a great song in general. While not completely behind it Make Me still felt more like a lead single compared to it though. The ones you mentioned are amazing songs but not really leads to me.

    There were many ways to deal with Glory. Invitation as a buzz track would have made sense. Do You Wanna Come Over would have made sense as a second single after Make Me. Trying to make something out of the If I'm Dancing meme would have been a given. They just fucked everything up they could fuck up. Her most playful album to date and the campaign was just horribly plain.
  7. Surely she can get a Missy Elliot feature now there’s so much good will between the two.
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  8. I don't think that will be a challenge sis.
  9. In an ideal world it would go something like this:
    1. New single SOON with video ready to go (and please no Pitbull thank you).
    2. Tour.
    3. New single in September after tour wraps up. With video and album pre-order ready to go.
    4. Album October/November coming with announcement of new residency starting March/April and tickets on sale directly.
    Extra points for taping Piece Of Me somewhere and release the new album with the DVD as a 20 years past and future celebration.

  10. It wasn’t a big hit because she’s been around for a while, and it’s harder for artists like her, or even Katy Perry, to do well now. Rihanna is the exception. People move on more quickly in the age of streaming, and big names mean less.

    A better video would have helped the chart position some—more streaming from diehards—but not a lot.
  11. The songs themselves from Glory were amazing. I’ll take the music and two random photoshoots and run.
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  12. I don't think anyone is holding their breath, including team Britney, for a proper hit from her in 2018. All that is important to me is that the quality of the music is their number one priority.
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  13. Radio wasn't as ageist back in 1998, especially to females. So I highly doubt Britney will ever be played on popular radio again and achieve that kind of moment.

    * Unless she is featured or sampled on a hip-hop/dance track.
  14. Assuming that she is possibly releasing something in October, the AMA's are in October this year.......

    Did someone say Icon Award?
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  15. There’s been some rumours that her ‘return to Vegas’ announcement will coincide with her birthday with the dates to begin in 2019. I would say the best shot of a 2018 release would be around this time and if not it will be released prior to the actual first dates. I can’t see them not tying it into Vegas in some way.
  16. Could someone be so kind and list the writers and producers that have hinted on working on this new album please?

    All I know is Justin Tranter and most likely Julia Michaels.
  17. A Circus tea.
  18. Hoping that if Madonna does release a stripped back American Life esque new album Britney might follow suit and also release something more experimental and Intricate, the timing seems right? Especially after hearing what we've heard from Liberation
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  20. I don't think anyone actually said this? My love for 'Make Me...' is endless but when I went to the Britney night in London around Glory's release, so many people I spoke to said they hadn't checked out the album because they thought it was gonna be all slow songs like Make Me. I mean, they're clearly flop fans and I'm not validating their opinion, but it's something to think about. Glory was the perfect balance of tempo and I hope it continues in the same way.

    With everything playing a second fiddle to Vegas, her past two eras have been pretty faceless, and unfortunately I don't think that'll change if they're planning another residency. Her current musical output and popstar persona/performances have become two very separate things, which is why the idea of her performing a new single on the summer tour seem completely alien.
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