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Britney Spears - Circus

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ChrisLisi1982, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Hope this is true ....

  2. Hmmm,be great if it's true but let's not forget "Original Doll" that was supposedly coming out a few months after The Greatest Hits album.
  3. Well she has been spotted in various studios. I reckon the record company will put something out at christmas, it would make sense on one hand for Britney to go off for a year, keep a low profile, and then come back. But she has had now two successful spots on 'How i met your mother', she's keeping out the papers (for the wrong reasons), and is getting access to her kids. So while the world is looking fondly on her again i can see how they would want to ride that wave so to speak. Plus her last album had amazing reviews so we all know the problem isn't her music.

    On another note, that would be a PR dream for both Britney & Whitney's teams, to go head to head AND at christmas, they would both come out winners!
  4. Has she got time to record a new album before christmas?

    Unless they've already got the tracks lined up. i.e. ones left over from Blackout?

    If its gonna sound like a continuation of Blackout (which is fine by me) they should just go ahead with a Blackout 2-disc deluxe edition or something!
  5. Seems a tad unlikely but I guess you can't predict anything with Britney. I hope it's of the same quality as 'Blackout'.
  6. Plus The Sun newspaper is hardly a trustworthy source of information...
  7. Well Radar is out in July so they are trying to get every last sale out of that album! lol.
    I was surprised they haven't opted for a re-release, but hey i'd rather a new album! And the fact she is going to be in the video is encouraging! The fact she is directing it isn't tho!! i.e. do something! :)
  8. I hope the video doesn't include dancing in a nightclub...again. It probably will judging by the lyrics to the song. It'll be Britney stalking a hot guy on a dance floor.
  9. I love 'Do Something' passionately and i'm not saying that to be contrary - I even like the video! It's got a flying car covered in Louis Vuitton logos which she didn't get permission to use! What's not to love? And some people think Muse ripped it off for 'Supermasive Black Hole' - I don't agree personally but hey, both songs are ace so it's win-win for me.

    Anyway - back on topic.
  10. I think it would be more than enough time to get an album together wouldn't it? After all, Jive (is she still with them!?!) are pretty good at world wide promotion.
  11. Will they?

    It might do wonders for immediate sales but on PR terms these kind of battles can ruin you. If you lose then the loser tag sticks regardless of how successful you sold on a relative scale. I think it's far easier to recover from a poor performing single/album than a massively performing one that came second in a head to head. Look at Posh, nobody cared that she had a successful on its own terms number 2 single just that she lost and I don't think she ever recovered.

    If they do go for the chart battle angle I must say it gonna be quite deliciously twisted. 'Whitney and Britney both 'BACK' after their periods of self destruction, which one succeeds and which one fails, which one gets the grammy and which one the accidental overdose? You decide'
  12. I'd forgotten about that! Louis Vuitton sued and won didn't they!? You'd have thought someone involved in making the video (legal team for the record label perhaps) would have realized that they needed permission! She could have got an ace endorsement deal, or at least a free Louis Vuitton bag! ha ha
  13. Yeah it's still jive, and yeah i think so as well, i mean there will be left-over tracks and plus she doesn't write most of her own music, so she will be just handed songs to sing! Was like umbrella handed through like four different singers (including Britney). Anyone seen the new trailer for 'How i met your mother'? sooooooo cute! :)
  14. Yes thats very true, shit sticks...

    Britney already had the shit with Bilboard and the fiasco with Blackout not hitting no.1 in the US.
  15. That was the point I was trying to make though. If the album is full of left over tracks wont it just be Blackout part 2? Just think over how many years they recorded and collected tracks for Blackout. It is a great album. To rush a new album out before Christmas might ruin the final result. Unless there are a lot of tracks left over that are blackout quality, but don't sound like they should be on blackout (if that makes sense?).

    Yes, she looks great in the new clip. I think her timing for delivering her lines is pretty spot on.
  16. I really hope they don't use 'left over tracks' from Blackout, I doubt they will though, look at how Gwen Stefani got picked apart by fans when she said Sweet Escape would be a mix of new tracks and left overs from Love Angle Music Baby! It does say in that report that she has taken demos to her label and they were impressed so they clearly aren't left overs from Blackout or they would have already heard them

    As was pointed out previously Britney won't exactly be spending months locked away writing hit after hit ... her producers will have already found the songs and planned the production, all Brit will have to do is turn up and lay her vocals down!
  17. I believe they successfully sued and as a result music channels are not supposed to show the video anymore (a bit like Madonna and 'Hollywood'). Whether they follow this ruling is another matter entirely, of course!
  18. I might be wrong, but I think there is a re-edited version of the video that can be shown.
  19. Ah yes, I think you may be right!
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