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Britney Spears - Circus

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ChrisLisi1982, May 9, 2008.

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  1. It's out soon anyway so I might just wait. :P

    Don't know if I can if everything talks about it. lol
  2. I had it on repeat for about 3 days!
  3. Me too. I also miss the days when videos used to pop up on The Box without me knowing they'd been shot, and I'd be all kinds of amazed thinking "oh I can see why they've released this, this is such a good music video & album song!"
  4. god, i remember that - watching first play friday and wondering what videos were going to premiere, mad ay!
  5. I remember watching The Box for about 5 hours flat in the hopes of seeing the 'Oops I Did It Again' video when it first came out!
  6. Why does it say on the main page tracks have leaked, I can't find any. Only kill the lights has so far. :S
  7. He just presumed they had and didn't write a review... still should have been written anyways for those who don't know where to find the leaks ect ect
  8. I did that too! Think it was Lucky that was an "MTV EXCLUSIVE" which meant back then (in the UK atleast) it was played on that crappy TRL wannabe MTV Select show every weekday night and that was about it!
  9. I done the same but with the radio, I was about 12 haha - I heard it halfway through in the car then when I got home just sat by the radio waiting for it to come on and thinking it was the most amazing song ever recorded.

    I cannot imagine living like that now.
  10. Just listening to 'Out from Under' now, it really is quite beautiful. I'm wondering whether Britney's vocals will be able to match the standard of this Joanna girls though. Hopefully she'll put loads of emotion into it and make it her own - I don't want to be left dry eyes by the end of it!
  11. That "Kill the Lights" instrumental that really isn't kill the lights is the most amazing thing I've heard. Ever. I hope its Circus!
  12. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    I'm waiting for the moment when the Phantom who did that one reveals himself.
    Somebody should snatch it, give it to PCD so they finally get a good song.
  13. I honestly don't care too much, so I'll listen to any leaks lol

    Kill The Lights, I really want to like but it just dosen't really catch onto me. Maybe if I hear it HQ.

    Out From Under sounds a lot like other ballads to me, nothing that makes it stand out from the rest.

    I am stoked that Mannequin will be the 3rd single, as from the sound of the rehearsal video it sounds like an amazing track. I really love the police siren effect on Britney's vocals in one part... I can't wait to hear the full song though.

    50% Glam 50% Rave? That sounds really awesome, however I hope it's not just another way of saying "it sounds like Strict Machine/Some Girls/I Kissed A Girl/Etc."
  14. Its not our fault, were just helpless fans..
    Lets blame it all on stupid people who leaks stuff, off with their heads!
  15. I was thinking/hoping more 'Something Kinda Oooh'.
  16. It's quite surprising that only one song has leaked from that promo CD really. Thinking back, at this stage before blackout we'd already heard Gimme More (obviously), Break the Ice, Perfect Lover, Heaven on earth, radar and piece of me (although I cant remember how late 'piece of me' leaked on that web cam video, it was quite a while after the first 5 though).
  17. I wish Popjustice would say a wee bit about the songs seeing as they didn't actually leak.

  18. I remember last year, when the Blackout demos started to surface.
    I really, really liked them - and then the real thing came out, and every song sounded different. I was quite dissapointed at first, then I saw the greatness of the Blackout album.

    I don't want this to happen again with Circus, I'll just wait for the real thing!!
  19. Phonography & Trouble (iTunes preorder only), both are produced by Bloodshy & Avant. I'm glad we get some extra B&A, I was a bit dissapointed when I saw only 1 of their songs in the main tracklist.
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