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Britney Spears - Circus

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ChrisLisi1982, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Is it just me or does "Blur" sound like some sort of redemption song? "I can't believe what I did last night, everything is just a blur."

    It's almost like the follow-up to "Get Naked", "Gimme More" and "Freakshow."
  2. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    There doesn't need to be a concept.
    But a record shouldn't sound like Britney spent time at the spa while all over the world producers from Taio Cruz to Darkchild were submitting songs to "Jive" and the A&R along with Larry Rudolph cherry picked them...
  3. Has she ever, though? Four singles is all she ever releases, and most are not 'radio friendly.' Monster albums like PCD, Breakaway, and whatever P!nk's second were called are exceptions rather than the rule.

    Of course you're right, and that's the sad part. I would not be surprised if, once (and if) she starts performing songs from Blackout live, sales will have a marked increase. It's too good an album to languish in pop obscurity.

    Absolutely. I don't think there's a problem with having multiple producers, as it seems that whatever they did last time worked well together. But Circus is CLEARLY a different type of affair.

    And I do think it would be nice to see what Britney's got in terms of creative drive...she's definitely got a spark there, even if I agree with Kirkland; she's never really had to use it, as her musical output is (generally) handed to her.

    EXACTLY! I think that was a more succinct way of putting it. There's a difference between a 'concept album' and 'an album written at one time with one set of producers.'

    "Hand me my clothes?" I don't think that's very redemptive. It's one of the sluttier songs we've heard, I think!
  4. I'm not gonna quote the gargantuan discussion of 'concept' album above me, but about 2 or 3 months ago, Danja did an interview saying he was dying to sit down with one artist and pump one out. Would probably be the bestest, most amazing moment in Ms. Spear's career if she were to do an album like that, be me thinks that her label/management/ etc. wouldn't dare relinquish control that much. I still<3 Danja, though...
  5. AUGH! That's not what I'm saying, at all. Because I love Blackout, and I think I love Circus. I like the throw it and see what sticks, method. That, afterall, kinda of sums up what Britney is about.

    BUT that doesn't mean that building one small team to produce an album, especially for Britney who is the biggest tabloid star of our generation, wouldn't be an interesting idea, and could take Britney to a whole new place.
  6. Oh no make no mistake, I wasn't aiming it at you inparticular! I just think if you have an album pull of incredibly strong matierial, who gives a monkeys whether one thing sounds like another?
  7. Aaaah I'm so excited for the new Britney album after hearing these clips
    I think her voice sounds GREAT on "Blur" and I'm really liking "Lace & Leather", "Mannequin", "If You Seek Amy", and "Phonography"

    I honestly think "Circus" sounds like it would be on BRITNEY but that's fun. Very "BOmbastic Love"
  8. "Hand me my clothes?"

    Well that's kind of the point. If you think of the "get naked, get naked, get naked, take it off, take it off," etc. and all the other lyrics in the songs I mentioned, then she's like "I can't believe what I did last night / everything is still a blur ... what's your name man? Won't you hand me all my clothes."

    That's why I thought it was like a 'cleansing follow-up' or whatever Daneeboy mentioned a few posts up.
  9. Calm down y'all. A song, 30 seconds doth not make.

    I'm withholding much of my judgement till I'v eheard all the tracks in full. Afterall I remember being a little worried about Blackout following hearing most of the demos.
  10. I actually thought this! Circus is very 'Britney' album. Definitely see the Bombastic Love comparison. I think the song just sounds a bit generic if anything, I can't stand Dr. Luke's production.
  11. Ah, screw it. I'm caving. I'm going to listen to the samples. But that. Is. IT! No listening to leaks, and no extended samples... nothing more!!!

    (Wow, I'm starting to sound a little insane over this...)
  12. I'm really starting to love Benny Blanco's little synth explosions throughout 'Circus'. Well, the first minute or so of Circus, but you get the idea. I actually like it now (after a day of repeat) than I did first listen. Music video should be swell, eh?​
  13. Dag


    I actually think "Circus" sounds like it could have been a Bloodshy & Avant production, bar the bridge.

    The back cover is apparantly at

    I actually burst out laughing when I saw it. I can't decide wether it's horrible or amazing!
  14. I'm still not caving in! lol
  15. The back cover is brilliant!
  16. Soo... Based on what we've heard the singles should be:
    Circus (though I think Mannequin would have been better...)
    Out From Under
    Unusual You

    I guess you could switch Unusual You with Out from Under (because it's phenomenal) but I reckon they'll wanna go with a more traditional ballad first, no?
  17. This back cover has been posted on

  18. Wow, it's approximately 14 times better than the front cover.
  19. Sugaste

    Sugaste Guest

    Haha! Loving that back cover.
  20. Freaky. Is that a picture or a painting?
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