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Britney Spears - Circus

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ChrisLisi1982, May 9, 2008.

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  1. I don't get the Lace & Leather hate. It's one of my favorite tracks...
  2. Yeah, same. Lace And Leather is brilliant. Definitely one of my favourites.
  3. After all the Lady GaGa hype, it's nice to see that "Quicksand" is actually very very good. Can't wait for "Underground." I like hearing their voices together, with GaGa obviously doing the backing vocals. Funny they've never even met.
  4. Wow, Trouble is fantastic. She does laid back, synth-laden pop so well. Heaven On Earth, Unusual You and this make a bit of a triumvirate of loveliness.

    Just listening to Phonography for the first time, and if it wasn't such an unintelligent innuendo it would be great too.
  5. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    When it rains Britney leaks, it absolutely pours, doesn't it?
  6. It sure does! I hope we get more in the way of cuts from the album sessions, 'Rock Boy' isn't amazing but it would be great to hear some of the gem's that missed the cut, just look at 'Sugarfall' and 'When You Gon pull It' from the 'Blackout' sessions!
  7. jeesh what's with the hate for mmm papi and lace and leather? are they the best tracks? no, but i enjoy both separately and in the context of the whole album. the album is very very very good, i just hope that critics like it and the public buys it, a combo of both would finally get her the credit blackout should have.
  8. Amnesia is turning out to be my fave ever Britney song its amazing

    I hope its a single which im guessing it never gonna be tho lol as its a bonus track
  9. Amnesia is my favourite Britney song ever! Aside BOMT.

    I effing love the instrumental on If U Seek Amy.
  10. I'm "preserving" myself by only listening to the bonus tracks I won't get on the proper album anyway (like-like Quicksand and Amnesia). Amnesia I think is wonderful absolutely great, I can't wait to hear it in HQ. Quicksand is not quite what I was hoping for, but I'm sure it will grow.
  11. Amnesia, Lace & Leather, and If U Seek Amy for best Circus tracks!
  12. I think it's Britney's best album yet. My favorite tracks have to by Shattered Glass and Mannequinn. Both are absolutely incredible. My other favorites are Lace & Leather (the chorus is sooooo good!), and Phonography, which is surprisingly good for a bonus track!

    Who produced Shattered Glass?
  13. Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco (as well as Circus & Lace and Leather)
  14. I absoutely adore Quicksand. Honestly, I can't get over how consistently strong this album is, with all these quality tracks just as bonuses.
  15. Quicksand is AMAZING! Should have stayed in the album!
    Loved it!

    Trouble's like an elaborated mid-tempo that still need work...maybe a good remix will improve it.
  16. Really?! I expected really pop tracks (About You Now, Hot N Cold, etc), but these are really different in a fantastic way.
  17. Whoever was put in charge of making sure this doesn't leak should get the sack asap.
  18. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Perhaps they're doing a Lil Wayne and hoping it works in their favor?
  19. Well as someone said, it could quite possibly be a demo disc... we may have yet to hear the mstered versions minus womanizer...

    Also, the intro to Trouble... sounds a bit like The Streets - Blinded by the Lights yes or Wearing my Rolex...
  20. I'm not sure, But I think the world maybe would be a better place without "Mmm Papi" in it.
    Is it possible this is still a demo? AAAH!!!!!!
    i guess it could have been worse. it could have been 'my baby'. I can't even bring myself to listen to it again.
    Loving "Quicksand" and with the new bonus tracks I've created my own "Circus" album, or more appropriately, "Womanizer" album, since "Circus" isn't even on it

    wow "Trouble" doesn't even sound like Britney
    so I guess this makes my final tracklist
    1) Womanizer
    2) Kill The Lights
    3)Shattered Glass
    4)F.U.C.K Me
    5)Unusual You
    8)Lace And Leather
    11)Rock Boy

    Now that is a hot Britney album.
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