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Britney Spears - Circus

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ChrisLisi1982, May 9, 2008.

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  1. I'm happy that we now have a 19 track album, well, with the bonus tracks from different terretories.

    Video looks hawt



  2. Worst single choice since "Me Against The Music"
  3. Re: Britney Spears - "Circus" (Single)

    Oh my god, we're...agreeing?

    *new experience*
  4. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Wow! It looks like the next video from Queen of Pop will be as hot as the Womanizer video!
  5. I listened to it and I really love it so far. I actually imagine a few more tracks will get back after the 2-3 listens.

    Only listened to the first line of "My Baby" though, refuse to listen to anymore.

    Question, is it just me or are some of the MP3's available a bit under quality?
  6. Yeah they are a bit quieter than usual. Just use something like Mp3Gain to increase the volume... i ususually have it set at 95dbs

    Blur is very Rehab (Rihanna) isn't it.
  7. Can I ask who produced what on both this and Blackout? I'm quite interested to compare.
  8. I actually cant wait for her performance of Mannequin, the beautiful music gives way for an awesome breakdown yea?
  9. Stills from video shoot:




    Looks awesome!

    Looks like there are acrobat rings hanging above the circus ring!

    EDIT: Sorry for double post, just noticed photos in album discussion too.
  10. debord

    debord Guest

    Well I gave it a couple of listens last night and again this morning on the ipod. It's nowhere near as good as 'Blackout' - that sounds plainly obvious to me. Half of it is great and half of it is utter dross of the kind she should have left behind years ago.
  11. Oh I think 'nowhere near as good' is unfair. Though I will agree that it is not as good. There are a few dud tracks on there that let it down. I think that some of the stuff is kind of immature, and what was so great about Blackout was that it was very cleary Britney's first "grown-up" record. Songs like "If you seek amy" are very much a regression to In the Zone.

    But, yeah... I think well over half of it is pretty ace.

    8/10 for me.
  12. I have only listen to snippets of all the tracks once, and the song that got me hooked immediately is the Max Martin written track "If you seek Amy". Its really catchy, love the "hi hi ha ha ho". Its less cohesive than Blackout, but I wouldnt wanna be without the ballads from Guy Sigsworth either. Im a little bit dissapointed, but I probably need a few more listens, I usually do.
  13. Nowhere near as good as blackout is very unfair.

    I wasnt a fan of Blackout when i first heard it, it took a while for me to love it but this album seems very instant. I think its great, there are a few duds but when are there not on an album? I cant remember the last time i loved a whole album from back to front.

    Its a shame that it has leaked 2 weeks before it was due out as it will surely hinder sales and this album deserves huge sales.

    Bring on the tour i say.
  14. I loved Blackout back to front. The quality of every song was it's strength, that and the fact that it had no ballads. She's looking good and can dance again, but musically her new manager has taken her back a few steps...

    People can bring up "E-mail my heart" all they like, but at THIS STAGE in her career where she's being offered songs from so many amazing producers/writers, there's really no excuse for a track like Mmm Papi making the cut. Maybe Britney demanded that and My Baby be on the album just because they're the tracks she has a writing credit on.
  15. Blackout just seemed very rushed to me and the fact that she seemed to have swallowed the vocoder for the whole of the albums recording was very annoying, to me this album just feels more like her.

    Maybe if Blackout had more promotion i would have loved it more but i just felt as though it was a project that she had no interest in which kind of made me lose interest really quick.

    I think if you took some of Circus and some of Blackout you could have a near on perfect album.

    All in all im a lot more impressed with Circus then i expected to be.
  16. debord

    debord Guest

    I don’t think it’s unfair at all. I mean bear in mind that this is based on a few listens over 2 days so I’m not stuck in my opinion yet, but to me ‘Blackout’ is Britney’s best and one of the best pop albums ever, and this is…not.
  17. Oh crap, I didn't know three new bonus tracks have leaked!

    Where's "Rock Boy" a bonus track?!
  18. Argh, Trouble and Quicksand sound better than stuff that made the album! Whoever put the tracklisting together should be shot! Thank god for iTunes. It's just a shame the critics and casual listeners wont hear a lot of the good stuff.
  19. How are we going to get hold of 'Quicksand' officially in the UK? It's the only track that's not available to us... a bit of a bugger for people that want the full 18 track album officially and legally.
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